Burger Burger Newmarket

Wholesome, locally sourced, American-themed goodness.
Sam Stephenson
Published on March 30, 2015
Updated on January 25, 2017


Burger Burger Newmarket swung open its doors on Friday night with an opening party, that, judging by all accounts (snapchats received and conversations had) was a rather glorious affair.

We snuck in on Saturday at around 5pm to check out the new spot. (I have decided this is the ideal time to visit Burger Burger, as it gives you just enough of a sabbatical to nurse yourself through the inevitable food coma as well as still allowing an appropriate number of hours to recover in time for any Saturday night antics.) As you may know, Burger Burger already has one other heavenly - but a lot smaller - haunt at Ponsonby Central. Newmarket BB consists of a well-sized courtyard/bar leaner area out the front, a full bar, and long kitchen in plain view, and 1950s Americana billstickers splayed across all walls. Whoever does the branding/fit-outs for these guys must be some kind of lord of design.

York Street in Newmarket is decidedly less hectic or concerned with keeping up appearances than Ponsonby Central while still not losing any marks in the coolness stakes. It's Burger Burger, without the stress of feeling out of place because you left your KW sunnies in the Volkswagen.

The menu has all the same wholesome, locally sourced, American-themed goodness as the Ponsonby Burger Burger but with a few key additions. Boneless fried chicken ($14) makes for the perfect way to kick off. There is something quite magical about looking at a bowl of chicken wings and then realising that it consists of nothing but chicken, no bones about it. Another welcome addition to the sides menu are the honey glazed carrots, a delicious orange alternative to potato chips. Plus you can claim that you ate vegetables. Accompany with the completely dairy-free coconut milkshake/thickshake ($8/$9), and you have three spectacular new reasons to visit the Newmarket Burger Burger. Follow these up with one of the old classic Burger Burger burgers (my picks would be the beef or pulled pork $12).

The dessert menu has had additions added to it, although for my own sake I had to stop eating at this point. For those interested, there are ice cream sandwiches ($12) - which feature your choice of Kohu Road ice cream squeezed between two handmade Little & Friday cookies; or alternatively ice cream sundaes which you can have your way with your choice of toppings and sauces - including pop rocks, banana foam, and hokey pokey bits.

I would recommend parking close as close to the restaurant as possible as the treck/waddle back to your mode of transport might turn into a bit of a struggle.


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