Dear Jervois

What's not to like about Dear Jervois?
Diana Clarke
Published on June 12, 2014
Updated on January 15, 2015


The latest addition to Herne Bay’s cafe scene opened today on June 12. It is called Dear Jervois. I liked it.

I liked the atmosphere. Maybe the fact that it was opening day had something to do with it, but the vibe was bustling and exciting. The staff were super friendly and happy to chat, even though there were about five million diners in the cafe, and they never left any table unattended. Every new customer received a cheerful greeting and a “how are you?” which is sometimes hard to come by these days.

I liked the decor. It was busy and there wasn't really a running theme. That might make the interior sound hectic and messy. It is. But not in a bad way. The combination of monochrome tiles, brick, plaster, wood and glass adds to the upbeat atmosphere and the overall feel of the place. There are  terrariums scattered around. I like them too. They give the place a fresh feel and they’re good entertainment for the kids.

I liked the coffee. A lot. It is Supreme coffee. I had it black. They must have known how desperately I needed a caffeine by my appearance because it arrived really quickly.

I liked the food. So much so that my dining partner and I decided to make Dear Jervois a weekly thing. We are going to work our way through the menu. I ordered the soba noodle salad ($17). It had mint, ginger, radish, coriander, spring onion, carrot, rocket, sesame dressing and it was awesome. My friend had the portobello mushroom and hash stack ($19). I had immediate food envy because it came with the best looking stuffed mushrooms I have ever seen. She reckoned her stack out-awesomed my salad but I wasn't so sure. Then we both were struck by more food envy when someone at the table next to ours ordered waffles. I am not a waffle fan. As a rule I am much more of an eggs bene gal. But these waffles were so beautiful that I was very tempted to go and whisk the plate away whilst the woman who ordered them was in the bathroom.  The waffles had chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, sprinkle things and whipped cream. Waffles that good looking should not go unattended.

I liked Dear Jervois. I am going to go back there often. Tomorrow probably. Because those waffles need to be a part of my life.


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