Kai Eatery

Crispy, crunchy, salty, sweet street food— you'd be clucking mad not to.
Izzie Aldridge
Published on April 19, 2017


There are many things at present dividing our society: Does The Bachelor actually have a personality? Should the Prime Minister be allowed to operate his own social media accounts? Is New Zealand at risk of drowning? And can you overdose on acai? Just to name a few. One thing agreed upon the world over, however, is chicken. Specifically, fried chicken, damn is it good. Cue new entrant: Kai Eatery.

Having seen soaring success at Auckland's night markets, Kai Eatery has now established its flagship CBD store. Like a good ol' slice of humble pie— seemingly without effort— owner and founder Allen Yeh has managed to infiltrate the esteemed Auckland foodie scene with his legendary Taiwanese fried chicken. The motive? "We missed Taiwanese fried chicken so much we decided to bring it to New Zealand ourselves." Blimmin' bless, I say.

Their lineup features secret recipe kumara fries, pork belly bao and 'XL Chicken'— juicy marinated chicken encased in a crispy-crunchy salt and pepper coating. It's not as if the menu is out-of-this-world exciting— it's just MIGHTY tasty. With an impressive drinks menu to accompany— freshly brewed coffee, house-made soda and shakes pimped with Oreos— you need not be Einstein to figure out why the little street store is seeing such success.

I could go on, but from time to time you sit there, trying your utmost to channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw reviewing said eatery when all you really want to do is hold down caps-lock and type: THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. NO WORDS TO DESCRIBE. PLS GO FORTH AND CONSUME.

I for one, think I have been very controlled throughout in not doing so— but for god's sake you've got to try this. (You'd be clucking mad not to.)


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