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You Know You’re From Melbourne When…

If you know where the dollar pot nights are and resent yourself for still hitting up Boney at 5am.

By Meg Watson
June 18, 2014
By Meg Watson
June 18, 2014

It's finally happening. No longer will you click excitedly on our stories only to find out the 'Top 5 Ramen Joints' are actually all in Sydney. No longer will you suffer through announcements of free burgers and ice cream happening insufferably far from your house. Concrete Playground Melbourne's Facebook is up and running, and it's a grade-A Melbourne-only zone.

With our very own sweet spot additional to the Concrete Playground you already know and love, this southern sister will be taking all the best of our food, drink, arts, and culture and making it relevant to you. This is a space for those who want to know where the dollar pot nights are (and the sorry suckers among us still hitting up Boney at 5am). Not sure if you're our type? Here are some guidelines:

When you were keen to check out Kong, then remembered they don't take bookings.

When you're on first name basis with the Monday staff at Cinema Nova.

When you don't know what to say when someone defends instant coffee.

When you buy new jeans from Dejour just for that rockstar feeling.

When you know The Supper Club's too fancy for you, but you try to fit in anyway.

When you're already familiar with every store in Emporium.

When you resent yourself for still hitting up Boney at 5am.

When you'd never be seen walking into Crown.

When you're still fighting for the Palace Theatre.

When you regularly sit on milk crates at cafes.

When you put in your tips every week, but are not so big on the AFL.

When you've put on a few kilos since Gelato Messina opened.

When you have strong feelings about the other side of the Yarra.

When you've got your tram etiquette down.

When you've been to at least one performance or exhibition in a laneway.

When you know a Sunday brunch will come with a 40-minute waitlist.

When you can never decide whether the Splendour lineup is worth the trip.

When you know there's no shame in ordering multiple pizzas at Bimbos.

When you always know which bar is holding $1 or $2 pot nights.

When you've accepted the fact that our beaches don't have waves.

When you have regular Pho and dumpling restaurants and won't even consider changing.

When you're always the first to start dancing at Cherry Bar.

When you can't believe the 'cultural capital of Australia' didn't have its own page till now.

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Published on June 18, 2014 by Meg Watson


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