Eight Summer Eskies That Take Beverage Cooling More Seriously Than Most

Don't settle for warm beer.
Kat Hayes
Published on January 30, 2017

As the old proverb goes, "One can't be fully cool unless one's beers are cool, too." This never applies more than in summer, on a scorcher in the Australian sun (hey pool party season, nice to see you again).

Now that it's the southern hemisphere's turn to hang out with old mate humidity, it's imperative you seize the hot season well-prepared. Nothing is more important in summer than protecting your health and comfort (tube of SPF 50+, blow-up paddling pool with built-in drink holders) and we believe the right esky is part and parcel to enjoying your holidays. We've compiled a couple of our favourites to make sure your hallowed bevvies stay cooler than being cool (ice cold).



In our experience, a basic model esky can come from a scour of your local hard rubbish or your parents' garage. But if your street community fails you, you don't have to shell out a lot to make sure your drinks get to be treated real nice.


For a no-frills model with a chill price, head over to everyone's fave bargain hoedown showdown: Kmart. For quick beach trips, try this little eight-litre gem — it's tough, and if you're wanting a bigger buddy, it comes in a variety of sizes (up to 45-litres). This is as basic as it gets, can hold up to 12 cans and is factory-made — let's not pretend.

Pros: Cheap! And its size won't take an arm and a leg to haul across the sand.
Cons: Considering their base model electric fans sell out on the first hot day of the year, be prepared to fight with other bargain-hungry beery folks.
Price: $19 for the eight-litre.


Or, there's Willow's 35-litre Wheelie Cooler. Made by a company Australian-owned since 1887, you can buy local as well as landing an aesthetically pleasing esky (just check out the blue-green gradient on this baby). There are cup holders on the lid and a handle to pull it so you'll be cruising over most terrain with ease.

Pros: Australian-made in sweet beachy colours.
Cons: A little light on features.
Price: $75


Techni Ice also has a good basic option, though the price point is higher — at $238, their swish, all-white Classic Ice Box will match any colour of beverage you might like to insert in its pristine interior.

Pros: Dual seal so no leakage so colder drinks. Its drain plug can be made into a water dispenser.
Cons: No wheels — at 80 litres it might be a tough slog to haul around.
Price: $238




If you just want a pretty-lookin' box of coldness and aren't too worried about the ins and outs (or the ability to carry an esky long distances with ease), pick one of these aesthetically pleasing, highly impractical options.


Williams-Sonoma has a lovely option with their red vintage cooler. It's a super bright cherry red so you can't lose track of where your drinks are, and it'll feel like you're in a Coke ad from the '60s.

Pros: It looks reeeeaaal nice, and it has a built in bottle opener.
Cons: A lack of tech aspect might mean it's less effective in doing its job. Also heavy when full.
Price: $75


Or, head over to Kincrome: their smallish, pink, retro-themed esky will become the envy of everyone at Golden Plains. Kind of resembling one of those fancy Smeg fridges, this guy pulls an A+ in the looks category.

Pros: Bumpers on the corners for when you inevitably hit your shin on them on your beer run. Pink and cute and novelty like a Katy Perry song (prime pool party equipment).
Cons: Only has a 17-litre capacity and a fairly thin handle for carrying which may be uncomfortable.
Price: $120


Super Esky, Kelly's.


Well, you're in this for the long game — you don't mess around with keeping your drinks cold and your party guests happy. Check out some deluxe options for those taking this seriously. How about Tropical Ice Boxes 62-litre blitzer?


This big guy is legit — he'll hold your ice in its original form for four to ten days before the slush starts to kick in. Also, there are rubber grips on the bottom to prevent slippage.

Pros: Perfect for multiple-day festivals or camping trips, and they mostly come in very tropical orange.
Cons: It is really very orange.
Price: Around the $230 mark.


The Coleman 58-litre Xtreme Cooler does, hopefully, what it says on the label and cools your drinks extremely well. It can keep ice for up to 5 days at 32 degrees and has pretty comfortable handles (just as well, as it's a big one).

Pros: Huge mountain bike-like wheels for all terrain.
Cons: The colours aren't too exciting — esky confusion in a crowd may occur.
Price: $210


If you're willing to spend the big bucks and want something that won't blend into all the other eskies at the barbecue, splash out on the Super Esky 52-litre. It's suave, white, and has built-in storage and cutting board facilities, as well as dual drains.

Pros: It has all the trimmings and is super high-tech.
Cons: Pretty pricey.
Price: $450


The Cricket Cooler.


To wind up our list, we present to you the category of, "Good lord, would you just look at what these people with lots of time on their hands have created." Creativity! Resourcefulness! Probable sub-par working value! Worth a gander anyway.


Bunnings stock this marvel of Australian design, made in our cricket team colours and sporting a bottle opener, utility holder... and, built-in wicket.

Pros: It's an Australian-made, hilariously great idea.
Cons: Its cooling powers as an esky are perhaps not as effective when used as cricket stumps; it's not terribly well insulated.
Price: $100

Need a hang to go with that esky? Check out our Summer Guide.

Published on January 30, 2017 by Kat Hayes
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