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By Kat Hayes
March 28, 2018

Underground Cinema: Delirium

Don your 1950s garb and prepare for a thrilling ride.
By Kat Hayes
March 28, 2018

If a mysterious night away from the world you currently inhabit is what you're after, it's one you'll get with Underground Cinema. Known for throwing its participants terrifyingly head first into a live immersive experience, the purveyors of immersive cinema have 40 different temporary worlds under their belts. And their latest effort, running at the end of May, is themed "Delirium".

Hints and rumours are all you'll get before you go, with the actual film screening always kept a secret – participants are meant to figure it out as they go, taking part in the interactive experience and collating all the clues. But what we do know is that "Delirium" will involve stepping back in time to the 1950s, into a mystery-thriller, and — as always — being taken to a location that remains secret until just before the event.

In the past, Underground Cinema has put its audiences through a zombie apocalypse (28 Days Later), a medieval court (The Princess Bride) and a WWII throwback (Casablanca). What exactly you'll be doing in the 1950s remains to be seen but if past events are anything to judge by, you'll be fully plunged into the world from the get-go. As with all its events, there'll be hot food available and a full bar, so don't worry about getting stranded and hungry.

You might just need that drink, too. The night will be sinister, judging by the description: "walk the path of the condemned. Face the hidden insanity. Strive for the unspeakable truth, because when you see a monster you must stop it." Wear some sensible shoes and you'd better keep your wits about you as best you can — looks like there'll be a fight to be fought.

Underground Cinema: Delirium will run across four nights, from Thursday, May 24 to Sunday, May 27. Tickets are now on sale, head here to secure yours.

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