Red Door Yum Cha

Quality yum cha housed in an antiques and furniture store.
Caterina Hrysomallis
Published on April 12, 2017
Updated on July 12, 2023


Red Door Yum Cha is far from your traditional, family Chinese
restaurant. Firstly, you won't see a yum cha trolley wheeling
around. Rather, diners order off a menu, and the food comes
directly from the kitchen without doing the rounds.
Secondly, Red Door actually doubles up as an antiques and
furniture store. You may find yourself sitting on a black
lacquered dining table, among traditional red wardrobes and
dressing tables, that are all for sale (and you can run on home

The menu is a construct of old and reinvented Chinese food.
You'll find traditional prawn har gow. The scallop dumplings are
pretty smashing, too. If you want the best of the land and the
sea, go the pork, prawn and corn dumplings. Coeliacs, you'll be
happy to know that two thirds of the dumpling menu is gluten

Moving on from dumplings (even though you may not want to)
are the more substantial dishes. The Chairman Mao hong shao
rou is a must. Braised pork belly is paired with Chinese wine,
star anise and ginger, freshened up with bok choy to create a
knockout dish. The braised beef hotpot is also hard to pass up,
slow cooked in a black bean stock and served with rice and

To drink is an abundance of teas, spanning from oolong to
herbal iced teas. There's no such thing as a cocktail jug here —
instead, drinks like the Elderflower Collins are hidden in
traditional Chinese teapots.

Shielded by the calmness of white lanterns, Red Door is a calm
and enjoyable dining space — where tradition and modernity


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