Shusai Mijo

Three Warabi alums have struck out on their own, championing Kappo-style omakase in Melbourne's inner north.
Andrew Zuccala
Published on April 24, 2024


Shusai Mijo is a little oasis of luxury on the much-loved Johnston Street strip‚ best known for its underground arts scene, small bars, cheap eats and smattering of local designer shops.

Here, it almost seems strange to find a high-end omakase restaurant where you fork out $250 for an extravagant degustation. But it is a sign of the area's gentrification, with plenty of locals now on the hunt for fine-dining haunts.

And those folks are in for a real treat.

Shusai Mijo - omakase restaurant in Fitzroy (Johnston Street)

Chef Jun Oya (ex-Warabi) is running the show with Sous Chef Takuro Abe (ex-Warabi) for a different kind of omakase experience than you might be used to. At Shusai Mijo, Oya is championing a Kappo-style omakase, which includes more cooked dishes than you'll find at other Melbourne omakase spots.

The menu changes seasonally, mostly depending on what fish is available both from Australia and Japan, but it does tend to follow a particular pattern of courses. A somewhat complex appetiser starts off the proceedings — we had the mixed seafood dish made with pufferfish, scallops, snow crab and tiny firefly squid. There's a lot going on here, but the delicate combination of flavours is handled with a master's touch.

Shusai Mijo - omakase restaurant in Fitzroy (Johnston Street)

This is reflected throughout Oya's menu, where you won't be hit in the face with big flavours, but instead invited to explore a more understated and subtle cooking style, where the top-grade seafood is the champion of each dish. Everything else is but a stellar support act.

The second course is a steamed dish, followed by some sashimi, then a deep-fried dish, two separate rounds of sushi, a grilled plate, and finally a dessert. Some of these courses include one large plate of food, while others include a selection of smaller one-bite options. Each is sublime — especially the melt-in-your-mouth wagyu nigiri that's cooked with hot coals right in front of you.

Shusai Mijo - omakase restaurant in Fitzroy (Johnston Street)

When it comes to drinks, Matthew Ng (also ex-Warabi) has curated a tight but truly impressive list of wines and sakes from all over, many of which won't be found anywhere else in Melbourne. Whether you're drinking wine, sake, cocktails or beers, he'll pair them up with whatever creation is being plated up next.

The trio of Warabi alums struck out on their own and have created a damn good fine-diner in Fitzroy. If you're in the area and can afford such a luxurious experience, do check to see if they can fit you at the eight-seater omakase bar.

Shusai Mijo - omakase restaurant in Fitzroy (Johnston Street)

You'll find Shusai Mijo at 256 Johnston Street, Fitzroy, open 6–10pm from Tuesday to Saturday. For more information, head to the restaurant's website.


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