Tequila Joe's

Mexican food with a bit of Americana flavour that snuck over the border.
Kylie Klein-Nixon
February 10, 2015


Off the beaten restaurant track, Tequila Joe's is what happens when you cross the '90s with a youth hostel bar.  That makes it sound terrible, and if you're looking for ambiance then it probably is, but if you're looking for one of the largest selections of tequila in the Capital and possibly the best buffalo wings outside of San Antonio, then TJ's is the place to go.

TJ's serves Mexican they way Kiwi's used to like it - in huge, flavorful portions and with a large helping or Americana on the side.  In fact, I'd call TJ's Tex Mex, rather than strictly Mex. There's no burrito on the menu, but they do have massive servings of nachos heaped with ground beef chilli and lashings of cheese - named, strangely enough, after San Francisco 49's player, Joe Staley, and the now ubiquitous taco plates.  The selection of "wee plates" to share while watching the game on the massive TV behind the bar, is standard, with the addition of grilled, spicy, cheesy Street Corn nibbles that are well worth the fairly steep $16 for 6.

Let's face it, though, you're not heading to TJ's for the corn nibbles.  What you've shlepped all the way up Tory Street for are the Real Buffalo Wings.  No measly pile of wicked wings, these bad boys are tender chunks of finger-licking goodness, authentically prepared with your choice of seasonings, and at your level of spice - medium, hot, and damn hot.  They also come with the US standard celery sticks - to cut through the heat - and ranch dressing. They're not cheap - $50 will get you 30 wings, but if you're looking for a fun meal to share with with mates, this is it.


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