This new fried chicken joint offers everything you need and doesn't waste its time on more.
Georgia Munn
Published on July 12, 2017
Updated on January 16, 2018


On their fifth birthday, much-loved pizzeria Tommy Millions casually announced that they were opening a new fried chicken joint named Lucky from their former coffee roastery site. The only thing better than incredibly good pizza is incredibly good pizza and fried chicken from the same convenient spot, so this was welcome news to hungus Wellingtonians.

I'm a fan of the tiny menu. The smaller, the better — less choice means less time spent choosing and less food envy, plus more time for the folk who make and serve the food to perfect their art. Lucky has one of the tinier menu selections I've encountered recently. There are just four things to choose from — a fried chicken burger (which comes with single or double chicken), a haloumi burger, some fried popcorn chicken with sauce and pickles, and fries with gravy. However, there's a secret off-menu item: a burger with both haloumi and chicken named the 'chicken slut'. Its name is the only thing I didn't love about this freaky sandwich.

The buns are squishy and sweet, and the fried chicken moist with an exceptionally crunchy and well-seasoned coating. The same coating is applied to the haloumi to give the full experience to vegetarians, whose burger options are so often weak. The contents of the burger are super simple, with lettuce, pickles and 'Lucky sauce', which seems to be a mayo and ketchup concoction with a bit of herb and spice.

The crinkle-cut fries remind me of Pizza Hut chips and come drenched in a thick gravy that is redolent of the Colonel's finest. No shade intended — Lucky will satisfy all your fast food cravings with the knowledge that you won't feel like death afterwards.

This is a hole in the wall type spot, so there's no seating of course. However, it's customary to eat one's Tommy Millions while huddled on one of those strange cantilevered benches on Courtenay Place, so the same goes for Lucky.

Mr Millions himself — aka Tom Kirton — and his team were calmly smashing out orders in record time on day one, and the Tommy's pizza counter was also seeing its fair share of action. Lucky offers everything you need and doesn't waste its time on more. Lucky is currently open for lunch and working its way up to full-time hours, so although you might not be able to get your chicken fix at 3am yet, fingers crossed it's not far away.


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