Someone Has Invented Transparent Kayaks, Your Next Must-Have Sports Item

You'll now be able to paddle the seas with an underwater view.

Ever have this problem? You're kayaking through crystal clear waters on adventure of a lifetime in paradise, and the goddamn bottom of your canoe is infuriatingly opaque. All that sea life, going unseen. All those underwater sea creature orchestras, going unappreciated. It's infuriating and devastating.

Well, all of that is about to change thanks to the Crystal Kayak Company. They've invented (maybe a better term is re-imagined) the kayak, and this time round it's completely see-through. It's the boldest see-through invention since the see-through toaster. Using the same material as windshields are made from, the see-through kayaks are perfect for moments when you want to see what your kayaking over (i.e. undersea orchestras).

Check out the promo vid — and we dare you to not feel like you want to quit your job, burn all of your possessions and spend the rest of your life in a transparent kayak.

They retail from a whopping $1,499, but if that blows your kayak budget out of the water, you can trial it at resorts around the world. And don't think that price tag just buys the opacity of your kayak. Oh no. As well as offering quite the underwater view, they've been ergonomically designed to be wayyy more comfy than your average kayak.

Check em out here.

Published on February 25, 2017 by Imogen Baker

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