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A meat lover's paradise.
By Ben Tutty
June 30, 2016
By Ben Tutty
June 30, 2016

Wynyard Quarter continues to cement itself as an top notch hospo-destination with the addition of Fireworks - a casual outdoor eatery serving American-style, low 'n' slow barbecue. On a chilly Friday Fireworks is quiet, occupied by a single staff member and one table of diners. For this reason it's sadly only open for dinner Friday and Saturday, serving only as a lunch spot and takeaway joint the rest of week.

The dining area and kitchen sits on the side of Marvel Grill - consisting of a few blocky wooden benches and a large timber counter emblazoned with "Fireworks" in red. At the back of the area sits a hulking black barbeque billowing smoke - fueled by a large wood fire which the lone staffer (Anton) continually checks and adjusts. Ordering off such a short menu should be simple, but all the impossibly delicious options make it quite a task. Ask for recommendation from Anton and you may just get the cheerful proclamation, "It's all good bro." He's not wrong.

The menu is split into meats (served by the gram), trimmings, lunch boxes (handy boxes full of the best meat and trimmings) and buns, which are essentially burger buns stuffed with so much meat they won't fit in your gob. Food will arrive all at once, on a steel tray laden with the meat bounty and complete with a large bowl of barbecue sauce and complimentary pickled vegetables. When it comes to ordering from the counter don't dick about - get yourself some pork ribs ($12.50). These little beauties are imbued with rich smoky flavour and slathered in sweet tangy barbeque sauce - absolutely delicious although they're not quite as tender as expected. Alternatively go with a beef brisket bun ($14) a hulking masterpiece of meaty excess stuffed with half a dozen slices of beef brisket, slathered in cheese-beer sauce and laden with pickles. The bland skillet corn bread ($4) was the only disappointing item off the trimmings menu but was redeemed by the demonic heat of the pickled jalapenos ($4) and the delicious roasted broccoli salad ($5.5).

Despite the fact he's alone in smoking meat, cooking food, taking orders and clearing tables, Anton provides and exceptionally attentive and friendly service. He also cooks, smokes and serves some damn fine barbecue, somehow finding time to stop for a lengthy yarn despite having 100 things to do. Get this man an assistant and I have no doubt the amazing food will only get better as he has more time to focus on barbecuing.

Either way, Fireworks is a meat lover's paradise serving some of the best barbecue in Auckland in a casual setting. 

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