Street Organics

Takapuna's guilt-free treat that tastes hella guilty.
Izzie Aldridge
Published on January 26, 2017


When it crosses oceans to get to you, you know it's going to be good. Put your hands together and give a good ol' Kiwi welcome to new kid on the block: Street Organics — a bi-product of Melbourne's booming clean-eats scene.

Born from a need to heal, the concept originated when an organic diet brought a sick young boy health. Growing from a small co-op in Melbourne, Street Organics quickly shot to the forefront of toxin-free living. This is where family-friend Nicky stepped in on behalf of the Kiwi populace, bringing a branch to our backyard.

Nestled within the backstreets of Takapuna, Street Organics doesn't boast to be the next biggest hit — it doesn't need to. The kumara brownie, Paleo toasties and apple cider vinegar lemonade are just a few eclectic treats that speak for themselves.

They're not bribing you with Instagrammable dishes, there's no collection of bronze plated cutlery…nor is the artwork yelling at you to be young, wild and free (and boy is it refreshing.) It's relaxed, it's spacious, and with USB ports for Africa, it's a café office dream.

If you don't reside on the Shore? No qualms. Their Wholefoods Store website is about to launch offering home-delivery. The star-studded lineup will feature fresh cashew milk, courgette brownies, almond meal and ready-to-eats. TV-dinners in compostable boxes? Sign me up.

Go for the guilt-free treats that taste hella guilty, go for the breakfast that you'll want to be eating for lunch and dinner, and hey, if not for their fanciful menu — why not go for app-ordered coffees? Dandelion lattes? I accept.

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