Netflix's Queer Coming-of-Age Gem 'Heartstopper' Has Been Renewed for Seasons Two and Three

This delightful hit isn't finished telling its story yet, with two more seasons in the works.
Sarah Ward
Published on May 27, 2022

If you didn't end April or start May binging Heartstopper, then you probably weren't anywhere near your streaming queue or social media. As charming as romantic comedies, LGBTQIA+-championing tales, British series and coming-of-age stories can get, this webcomic-to-page-to-screen delight dropped all eight of its first-season episodes at once, became an instant Netflix hit and started many an obsession — regardless of whether you currently are or ever have been a queer teen trying to be true to yourself, navigating high school and riding the emotional rollercoaster that is falling in love.

The great news: if you haven't seen it already, season one is obviously still there and waiting. The even better news: Netflix has just renewed the series for two more seasons. So, sometime in the future — with no dates given as yet — Heartstopper will be making tickers miss a beat again, and twice, with the graphic novel's author and illustrator Alice Oseman also returning as the show's writer (and creator, obviously).

It's easy to see why more Heartstopper is on its way — and not just because its narrative has continued past where season one stopped on both the web and in print. The series hit the Netflix top-ten list in 54 countries, wowed audiences and earned the social-media attention to prove it, and has already made stars out of its delightful cast.

Story-wise, Heartstopper heads to Truham Grammar School, where Charlie Spring (first-timer Joe Locke) is in year ten. He finds himself seated in his form class next to year 11 rugby player Nick Nelson (Kit Connor, Little Joe) at the start of a new term, and sparks fly swiftly and overwhelmingly — at least on Charlie's part — with a crush and then a life-changing love story both blossoming.

While director Euros Lyn (Dream Horse) gives Heartstopper's first season a dreamy look and feel — with emotionally astute showers of colour, too — teen romance is always complicated. Actually, teen life in general is. Also popping up here, with their own ups and downs: Charlie's self-hating secret boyfriend Ben Hope (Sebastian Croft, Doom Patrol); his disapproving, high-drama best friend Tao (fellow debutant William Gao); their recently out trans pal Elle (Yasmin Finney); her lesbian school friends Tara (Corinna Brown, Daphne) and Darcy (Kizzy Edgell); and the quietly happy-go-lucky Isaac (Tobie Donovan). Oh, and Oscar-winner Olivia Colman (The Lost Daughter) as Nick's mum.

The end result isn't afraid of teen tropes or rom-com cliches, such as grand gestures in the pouring rain, blissful montages and the stress of text messages — but it also isn't willing to deliver anything other than a thoughtful and tender account of high schoolers being and finding themselves, even amid unavoidable teen angst and taunting.

There's currently four volumes, spanning five chapters, of Heartstopper on the page — and a fifth volume set to arrive in February 2023 — so fingers crossed there'll be even more seasons of the Netflix series in our futures.

Check out the trailer for Heartstopper season one below:

Exactly when Heartstopper will return for season two and three hasn't yet been revealed — we'll update you when dates are announced.

The first season of Heartstopper is available to stream via Netflix. Read our full review.

Images: Rob Youngson/Netflix.

Published on May 27, 2022 by Sarah Ward
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