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Adhesive, Temporary Tech Tats Could Be The New Way to Monitor Your Health

Non-invasive and not Google Glass.
By Lauren Vadnjal
December 03, 2015
By Lauren Vadnjal
December 03, 2015

The future of wearable technology is like thinking about the universe: the possibilities of what could be discovered are endless. But it's annoying enough to integrate an Apple Watch or a Fitbit into your life, let alone walk around wearing weird spy cam glasses all the time, ala Google Glass. Seriously, no one want to be that guy. But what if you could simply attach this technology to your skin with, say, a small temporary tattoo?

Well, that sound pretty good to us, and Austin-based mobile development company, Chaotic Moon, are trying to make it happen. The technology, dubbed Tech Tats, are temporary electronic tattoos that would live on top of the wearer's skin, and use the skin as an interface. The tattoo holds an ATiny85 microcontroller, which stores and receives data from temperature sensors via electroconductive paint to interact with your body.

"Everyone has this idea of the future as this guy with Google Glass and the Apple Watch and five Fitbits," EricSchneider, Chaotic Moon's Creative Technologist says. "But the goal is really wearable technology that you can’t even see."

As well as tracking your movements and fitness, and storing your credit card details and so on, the tats would also be able to monitor your vital signs an send that data to your phone — or even your doctor.

The technology is just a prototype at the moment, but it isn't too hard see this coming to life sooner rather than later. Chaotic Moon have said — if the product gets to the public — they want to keep the price point accessible, perhaps even selling the Tech Tats in packages, like Band-Aids. It seems like a happy medium between clunky, wearable technology and getting microchips implanted under the skin — we don't want to go full robot just yet.

Via Motherboard.

Published on December 03, 2015 by Lauren Vadnjal


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