Chinese Moon Festival 2019

With lion and dragon dances, traditional music and plenty of dumplings in the vicinity.
By Sarah Ward
August 02, 2019

Sat, Sep 7, 2019

Saturday, September 7, 2019


Chinatown Fortitude Valley

Duncan Street, Fortitude Valley

On Saturday, September 7, Fortitude Valley's Chinatown mall will be glowing — under the spring moonlight, and thanks to the luminous vibe that comes from the annual Chinese Moon Festival.

Running from 4–9pm, the event harks back to Chinese tradition, and is timed to coincide with the moon at its roundest and brightest. It was originally a harvest fest, but has grown and evolved to become an all-round celebration, which is exactly what's on the cards in Brisbane.

Check out the lion and dragon dances, catch some live and traditional music, and keep an eye out for other wandering entertainment. Impressive Japanese footwork and Chinese clowning are also on the agenda, as is a moon-shaped installation that symbolises closeness — upon which you'll be able to write the names of your own nearest and dearest.

And, if you're understandably feeling peckish after all of the above, you're in the perfect place for dumplings, Peking duck and yum cha, thanks to the surrounding Chinatown restaurants.