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By Sarah Ward
August 14, 2017

Why Future Still Needs Us: AI and Humanity / Machination

Pondering the intersection of man and machine.
By Sarah Ward
August 14, 2017

If The Terminator movies taught us one thing, and The Matrix flicks as well for that matter, it's that AI and humans mightn't make for friendly futuristic bedfellows. Why Future Still Needs Us: AI and Humanity and Machination contemplate the same topic, albeit without Arnie and Keanu. Given what they have on offer, we'll forgive it for that.

Jumping to a time that mightn't be too far off, the first exhibition explores the space where explores man, creativity and computerised intelligence all overlap. In fact, given that AI can already draw pictures, compose music, write novels and make movies, the future is now. Accordingly, the artists featured were all asked to to learn an accessible artificial intelligence technology, then develop pieces that examine AI as a creator as well as a collaborator, testing the bounds of human-machine interaction.

In Machination, stepping through the technology of the past is experimental artist duo Jesse Stevens and Dean Petersen's aim. As the permanent pairing that is Cake Industries, they fashion performative mechatronic sculptures that combine hybrid human/object forms with collaged archival video and sound, including one based on Melbourne's Luna Park.

As well as seeing the end results between August 20 and October 10, opening weekend attendees can also enjoy artist talks, play with LEGO robots and discuss machine learning for creatives.

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