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By Kat Hayes
August 09, 2019

Eight Careers to Consider Based on Your Favourite TV Shows

It's more than fine to use Jake Peralta as a career role model – we promise.
By Kat Hayes
August 09, 2019

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It's never too late to learn something new, and we're not just talking about the ins and outs of superannuation. Rather, turning your brain to studying — and possibly launching yourself into a new career — has never been so easy. Open Universities Australia (OUA) helps you find a degree to fit your goals and study it online. So, no matter your physical proximity to the university running the course, or your life commitments, you can make it happen.

Whether you're a first-time student, an aiming-to-finisher, or just looking to extend your career options by adding another notch to your belt, we know that half the battle can be figuring out what you actually want to study. Rather than spending hours trying to nut it out, why not use the time you've already dedicated to your favourite television show? Chances are, your favourite genre might give you a pretty good clue as to what you're into. Read on to discover eight possible careers based on a small-screen hit, then go tell your mum that you weren't wasting time after all.



Consider studying: Bachelor of Psychological Science and Sociology with University of South Australia (UniSA), Bachelor of Behavioural Studies with Swinburne University or Master of Public Policy and Management with Flinders University. 

Well, things are pretty bleak at the moment in Gilead. And they have been for June (Elisabeth Moss) since the show — an adaptation of Margaret Atwood's novel of the same name — began. An oft-bleak reflection of parts of our world in the modern day, The Handmaid's Tale isn't a happy watch, but it is an important one — and from it arises a wider commentary on policy, oppression and herd mentality. If you really want to unpack everything that's happening to June, or if the eerily familiar (and frustrating) circumstances have lit a fire in your belly, consider studying a degree in policy, social studies or psychology, available online through OUA.



Consider studying: Bachelor of Criminology and Criminal Justice with Griffith University or a Master of Criminology with Macquarie University.

You only need to spend a little time on social media to know that Brooklyn Nine-Nine has become a cult TV offering — there are memes everywhere. The comedy has a surprising amount of heart behind Detective Jake Peralta's (Andy Samberg) antics and the joke-a-minute vibe (if you didn't laugh at that Backstreet Boys cold open, then you don't have a sense of humour). Although it's cloaked in fictional comedy, this show covers some seriously diverse crimes. This, plus the backlog of true crime documentaries on your to-watch list, prove that there are seriously interesting stories out there and some wild stuff that happens in the world. If you want to hustle your case-cracking prowess into a career, explore a degree in criminology with Griffith University. Or, if you've already got a bachelor's degree and notched up some work experience in the field of security, you can jump into a masters with Macquarie University.



 Consider studying: Bachelor of Arts (Creative Writing) with Curtin University, Master of Writing with Swinburne University or Master of Arts (TESOL) at Bond University.

Just because it's over doesn't mean it's really over — the characters of Westeros and Jon Snow's immense sadness can live on in your heart long after the final episode. And we've found a way for you to continue your obsession with the epic fantasy series based on George R.R. Martin's books. You can learn to appreciate the intricacies of the world he created or, even better, create your own Westeros (maybe one where slightly less characters die) by taking on a creative writing course online through OUA. You can start from the very beginning with Curtin University's bachelor degree, which allows you to explore different styles including poetry, short fiction and screenwriting. Or, you can hone your already established craft with a masters with Swinburne University of Technology or Bond University. The latter explores the principles of the English language and will grant you a teaching qualification, too.



Consider studying: Diploma in Science with University of New England or Associate Degree in Engineering at University of South Australia.

It's the one everyone has been talking about, and it recently rated the best TV show of all time on IMDb. Chernobyl, which explores the catastrophic incident at a Ukrainian power plant in 1986, breaks down a particularly harrowing chapter of history. The disaster had far and long-reaching consequences and the show gets you thinking about what happens when science and human error combine to fail us. If your brain is ticking over with nuclear reactor designs or chemical equations, it might be time to hit up OUA to embark on a new career in science or engineering.



Consider studying: Bachelor of International Public Health with University of NSW or Master of Public Health with Curtin University.

Netflix's very funny, very sweet British show has basically everything you need for a weekend binge show: good writing, a great cast and a storyline tackling critical gender and sexuality issues among young people. Oh, and Gillian Anderson. Sex Education tells the story of Otis (Asa Butterfield) trying to making it through high school while contending with his mother (Anderson), who is a sex therapist working from home. A show that anyone, young or old, can find something to relate to in, Sex Education is a worthy reminder that health and sexual education should be taught comprehensively to young people. If you think you could fill those very important shoes, considering studying a public health degree with a leading uni online through OUA, which could open you up to career opportunities in government agencies, research or community health programs.



Consider studying: Bachelor of Arts (Animation and Game Design) with Curtin University or Bachelor of Information Technology (BIT) in Games Design and Development with Murdoch University.

Yeah, we know — it's a silly one. But it's pretty damn funny. Rick and Morty was created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, of Adventure Time and Community respectively, and it's not for the underage (or faint-hearted). Following mad scientist Rick and his grandson Morty as they go on interdimensional adventures, the show is wacky, original, and a little gross. But, it may also get you thinking about the rising popularity of adult cartoons, and the animation teams behind their increased profile. So, if you've always had an artistic streak that you'd like to nurture into a full-blown career, have a search through the online options through OUA for animation and game development.



Consider studying: Bachelor of Education (Primary, Secondary or Early Childhood) with Curtin University.

One of the most clever shows in recent years has to be Michael Schur's The Good Place. From the man who brought us Parks & Recreation and The Office comes a comedy starring Kristen Bell as Eleanor — an unremarkable person during her life on earth who wakes up in The Good Place, or a heaven-like utopia, being shown around by Michael (Ted Danson). Three seasons of moral questions, philosophical quandaries and people just being human ensue. While a lot of it is silly fun, The Good Place does provide a solid vessel for the discussion of ethics, via creative uses, and exploration of belief. It also hammers home, while we watch Chidi attempt to teach Eleanor moral philosophy, that the world needs more good teachers. Live your dream and explore your own moral questions by becoming one.



Consider studying: Bachelor of Laws with University of New England and Juris Doctor with Flinders University.

Pre-prince days for Meghan Markle brought us Suits, an Aaron Korsh-created legal drama focusing on Mike Ross and Harvey Specter, lawyers working at a large firm in New York City. While Mike (Patrick J. Adams) goes in entirely untrained and manages to pull off working large cases without a sweat, we don't encourage that — in fact, we'd strongly urge you to look into a law degree, which you can study online through OUA. Combine your interests in watching endless episodes of Suits (there are nine seasons), besting someone in a verbal argument and, if you like Mike, helping the underdog by getting a law degree. The two-piece suits await.


Explore hundreds of degrees from leading Australian universities available online through Open Universities Australia. You could have a new skill by the end of the year. Hop to it.

Published on August 09, 2019 by Kat Hayes

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