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By Melanie Colwell
March 21, 2018

The Best Doughnut Shops in Melbourne

Fill that Doughnut Time-shaped hole with these sugary treats.
By Melanie Colwell
March 21, 2018


Fill that Doughnut Time-shaped hole with these sugary treats.

The humble doughnut has long outgrown its stale reputation as a snack reserved for Homer Simpson, police-folk and school kids. The treat has gained widespread popularity in recent years, with vendors exploring unique and, at times, outrageous flavour combos.

The sugary treat also found itself at the centre of controversy earlier this month. When Doughnut Time entered liquidation in early March — owing workers an estimated $200,000 in unpaid wages and the ATO upward of $1 million — reactions of shock, anger and concern flooded social media.

Luckily, despite the closure of the turquoise empire, there's no shortage of decent doughnuts in Melbourne. You'll find them stuffed with Nutella, topped with fairy floss, handmade with seasonal ingredients and Greek doughnuts smothered in melted chocolate. So, here's our list of the city's best and most extravagant doughnut offerings — proof that this indulgent treat's 'day in the sun' is not quite done.

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    Raised, filled, cake or cruller, Shortstop explore the boundaries of doughnut experimentation, spanning the entire flavour spectrum and borrowing a few international influences along the way. The Earl Grey and Rose doughnut ($4.50) is not for purists — designed midway between a doughnut and tea cake, it’s a bit drier and more delicate than your standard Krispy Kreme, and far less greasy. Decorated with a pretty scattering of petals, it’s been the feature image of many a foodie blog. To snare one for yourself, arrive early in the morning — they’re often sold out come midday.

  • 8
    Doughboys Doughnuts

    Peanut butter and blueberry jam. Vanilla creme and chocolate ganache. Lime curd with toasted meringue. These are just a few of the diabetes-inducing flavours that have earned Doughboys a reputation as one of the best doughnut outfits in town. Following a few years of pop-ups in share spaces, coffee shops and markets around Melbourne, the team of dough-fiends opened up their own digs right in the CBD. Designed by Studio Esteta, the store boasts tiled floors, high ceilings and ample display cases, so sugar-obsessed doughnut lovers can press their noses against the glass. Small Batch Roasting Co. provide the coffee for dunking.

  • 7
    All Day Donuts

    Not content with mastering what he believes to be the perfect burger recipe, Ralph Rashid — owner of Beatbox Kitchen and Taco Truck — turned his attention to sweets with the opening of All Day Donuts. Although it’s not open 24-hours, it has extended its hours to seven days a week, selling doughies from the morning until sold out. There are five flavours a day — including lime brûlée and strawberry cheesecake — but our recommendation is the jaffa. Need something savoury to follow these bad boys up? The space also houses Juanita Peaches for post- or pre- doughnut fried chicken.

  • 6

    Trading on Peel Street just a stone’s throw from Queen Vic Market, Lukumades specialises in handmade Greek doughnuts, and oh boy are they something. You can get them served in the traditional fashion, with cinnamon and honey, or opt for something a little more extravagant. The Twix Fix pack, for example, comes smothered with melted chocolate, salted caramel, crushed Twix and vanilla bean gelato. And yes, Nutella also plays a prominent role on the menu, because some things never go out of style.

  • 5
    Penny for Pound

    The Richmond-based baking duo behind Penny for Pound are masters at turning basic household ingredients — flour, butter, sugar — into something special. Its goodies, including croissants, tarts, cookies and cruffins, have been popping up in cafes all over Melbourne for a while now. And they don’t hold back on experimental doughnut flavours either. Allowing seasonal produce to guide creativity has resulted in flavour combos including yuzu meringue, rhubarb and ginger and passionfruit cheesecake. But it is this combo, which recently won first place at the 2018 Donut Fest, that firmly secured Penny for Pound’s place in our hearts: fig, honeycomb and orange creme brûlée.

  • 4
    Bistro Morgan

    As a teenager, owning an actual doughnut shop would surely be the realisation of all your sugar-filled fantasies. So we’re betting that 17-year-old Morgan Hipworth is pretty popular at school these days. Known for throwing down imaginative, new-school riffs on the classics (think Golden Gaytime and Iced Vovo), it’s not hard to see why this talented teen has been dubbed ‘Melbourne’s doughnut prince’. The menu runs on a two-week cycle of nine flavours. Plus there’s a ‘flavour of the week’ which is switched up, well, weekly. Truly proving a youngster runs the joint, there’s no reprieve on the sugar levels in the drinks either — indulgent shake options include cake batter, strawberry cheesecake and sneaky Snickers. Because if you’re going to treat yourself, you may as well go all out, right?


  • 3

    Doughnut purists will be familiar with this one. This family-run business has been kneading and frying dough since the 1950s. The iconic blue and white van has long been a necessary pit stop during a visit to the Queen Victoria Markets to stock up on a paper bag of the fresh, fried delights. Sometimes simplicity rules and this is definitely the case here — the unchanged recipe involves a quick fry of the yeasted dough in sizzling oil following by a generous dusting of sugar. The final step is an injection of hot red jam into the doughnuts core which explodes into your mouth (and onto your clothes if you’re not careful) on first bite.

  • 2

    Holy Bombolina is more than just a great name for a market stall. It also hints at what goodies to expect if you happen upon them at one of Melbourne’s local markets: handmade Italian doughnuts or bomboloni. Unlike other versions of a filled doughnut, these are light and fluffy — and therefore incredibly moreish. Flavours range from the traditional jam or Nutella to the contemporary with the coconut maple pie swiping first prize at Donut Fest in Melbourne last year.

    You’ll find these delish doughnuts around Melbourne in cafes and at various markets and events — keep an eye on the Facebook page to see where they’ll pop-up next.

  • 1

    This bakery, based in Croydon, is not about doing things by halves. Each doughnut is visually pleasing: they’re big, glossy and topped with crazy things like gold leaf, rose petals and fairy floss. But the painstaking presentation does not overshadow the more important job of pleasing those taste buds. Which they do — very, very well. What really put Goldeluck’s on the radar is its take on a croissant-doughnut hybrid. Goldeluck’s ‘dossant’ sandwiches a creamy filling — be it honeycomb custard or chocolate cream — between flaky, sugary pastry. It leaves the conventional cronut in its (sugar) dust.

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