Where to Find Victoria's Best Vanilla Slices

Mille-feuille, snot-blocks, slices of heaven — here's where to find all the best vanilla slices Victoria has to offer.
Ines Francesca English
Published on May 15, 2024

Victoria's annual competition for the best vanilla slice — the Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumph —  began in 1998, reportedly because the then-Victorian premier Jeff Kennett claimed the vanilla slice from Ouyen's town bakery was the best he had ever tasted. It's not surprising then, that the tradition has lived on, with Victorians rallying in staunch defence of their local bakery's version of this sweet and flakey Australian icon. 

The origins of the enigmatic vanilla slice are hazy. The French would argue it's derived from their beloved mille-feuille, meaning one thousand sheets — a much more sophisticated title than its Australian counterpart, where we affectionately nickname said slices "snot-blocks".

Mille-feuille, snot-blocks, slices of heaven — whatever you want to call them, here's the list of the best vanilla slices Victoria has to offer, whether you're in Melbourne's inner suburbs or out in a small regional town.


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french lettuce carlton - best vanilla slices melbourne victoria


The French Lettuce is a classic French-Aussie patisserie, with fresh raspberry tarts and beef and burgundy pies filling its glass cabinets. Its shop window also states it's been voted the number one vanilla slice in Melbourne — and we can think of a few reasons why. The French Lettuce's award-winning dessert (or indulgent snack) has made a name for itself through a thick slab of custard, perfectly flaky pastry and a decent dusting of icing sugar. And if that's not enough for the vanilla slice addicts out there: you can also get it in cake form. That's right, an actual cake with double-layered puff pastry and classic vanilla slice custard filling, with some strawberries and almonds on top, for good measure. The French Lettuce also has a stall at Richmond Gleadell Street Market Bakery, so be sure to check it out next time you're in the area. 



Number one on many-a vanilla slice lover's list, Bridgewater Bakehouse is a must-try. Using fresh vanilla beans instead of vanilla essence like many slices, these perfectly square numbers can be found in the tiny town of Bridgewater near the Loddon River in central Victoria. Bridgewater Bakehouse has an old-fashioned country charm about it, but that's not the only reason people flock there. It has won the aforementioned Great Australian Vanilla Slice Triumphs in both 2018 and 2019. The wins have put the Bridgewater Bakehouse on the map, making the small town a gastronomic destination, selling over 500 pastries every day. 


bourkie's bakehouse - vanilla slices melbourne victoria


Bourkie's Bakehouse has been in business in the small, picturesque country town of Woodend for 32 years. They've reeled in numerous trophies for their vanilla slices, including a tie for first place, three second places, and six third place in the Great Australian Vanilla Slice Competition. With three permanent slices residing in its cabinets: iced vanilla, strawberry and passionfruit, Bourkie's is worth the pilgrimage. And if you catch them on a day when they're offering a special, you'll be cheering. On occasion, they have vanilla slice specials which include raspberry mousse, mocha (choc mousse with coffee icing), apple crumble and sticky date pudding. Bourkie's vanilla slices will set you back $4.5.  



It would be a crime against the vanilla slice community of Victoria to not mention the Vanilla Slice Cafe in Sorrento. Nestled on the main road in a quaint, homely shop with a limestone facade, on some days, you'll find lines outside The Vanilla Slice Cafe made up of both tourists and locals waiting to buy one of its famous slices. These guys will set you back $8.90, but they're well worth the price. They're on the thicker side, so while you'll be tempted to share one between two people, we urge you to get your own — trust us.


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Mister Nice Guy's Bakeshop is Melbourne's first 100% plant-based bakery and home to one of Melbourne's only vegan slices. But, to our non-vegan readers, don't be worried if your plant-based friend begs you to come along to get some vegan vanilla slices, donuts or scrolls — you'll probably end up leaving with a box of treats too. With custard so silky and pastry so flakey, you might be jumping on the vegan sweet train for good.



If you're the kind of slice aficionado that likes their custard to be around thirty times as thick as the pastry it's sandwiched between, then Mount Martha Fine Foods is your next foodie destination. These creamy vanilla bricks are a sight for sore eyes, as is the stunning beach they are baked next to. Eating a mammoth slab of custard before a swim at one of Victoria's most beautiful beaches? Don't mind if we do. 


vanilla slices melbourne victoria


Gusto Bakery is a family-run institution. With seven children between them, four of which have worked at the bakery, owners Simon and Carly's homestyle bakery is certainly a labour of love. Gusto Bakery offers two types of vanilla slices: one is a classic french-style slice with an impossibly creamy vanilla custard sandwiched between two layers of light puff pastry and a thin dusting of icing sugar. The other slice of vanilla heaven is more inventive than its traditional counterpart: this award-winning slice is smothered with apricot jam and fondant. Yes, please!

Top image: The French Lettuce

Published on May 15, 2024 by Ines Francesca English
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