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Where to Find the Best Coffee in Melbourne

Whether you're a coffee snob or an extra-weak latte lover, these top Melbourne coffee roasters and brewers will have what you need.
By Andrew Zuccala and Concrete Playground
January 15, 2024
By Andrew Zuccala and Concrete Playground
January 15, 2024


Whether you're a coffee snob or an extra-weak latte lover, these top Melbourne coffee roasters and brewers will have what you need.

Just about every local has an opinion about where to get the best coffee in Melbourne. So many people have a favourite barista who has memorised their order, sometimes even making it before they get to the front of the line. Those with overly complicated coffee requests will have a preferred cafe that serves it up without judgement — we're looking at you weak, three-quarter decaf oat latte orderers. And then there are the hardcore Melbourne coffee snobs who can smell a badly extracted shot of coffee before they even taste it. And don't even try to serve them burnt milk.

But no matter how much you love your morning cup of joe and how you like to drink it, the best Melbourne coffee spots will have you sorted — especially if it's a coffee roastery. These guys are the most serious about their caffeine-filled bevs, taking great care to create the best tasting coffee possible. Heaps of them make this list, so read on to find one near you.


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  • 19
    The iced citrus long black made with a shot of coffee, a few slices of lemon and a dusting of lemon rind from INI Studio - home to some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

    If you look hard enough, you’ll find INI Studio hidden within what looks like a small garage on Queensberry Street that’s been painted white and decked out with white cube furniture. Minimalism is the name of the game here — that is, until you purchase some of its coffees.

    The team here roast their own beans, pumping out a decent selection of filter brews and perfectly pulled espresso shots. But we mostly love INI’s more unusual coffee creations. Our pick? Either the iced citrus long black made with a shot of coffee, a few slices of lemon and a dusting of lemon rind or the rich cream iced latte — both perfect for hot Melbourne days. Pair it with a croffle (part croissant, part waffle), and you’ve got yourself one damn fine morning treat.

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  • 18
    Padre Coffee - home to some of the best coffee in Melbourne..

    Born back in 2008, when Melbourne was just discovering its burgeoning coffee scene, Padre Coffee now has four locations across Australia, including two in Melbourne, one in Sydney and another in Noosa. It’s the Brunswick store that started it all, though, and to this day, it retains the excitement and heady atmosphere of those early days of coffee explorations.

    You can easily come in to simply order a quick coffee and be very happy. But we recommend you take your time, perhaps trying some of Padre’s more experimental espresso blends and filter brews. Let the baristas lead the way, talking you through some of their more interesting seasonal coffee blends — each of which is made with sustainably sourced beans.

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  • 17
    Makers Coffee in Richmond - home to some of the very best coffee Melbourne

    Maker Coffee has been a part of the Melbourne coffee scene since 2015 and now has four locations across Melbourne (Richmond, Prahran, South Yarra and the CBD). It sources its beans from all over the world and focuses on sustainable and socially aware producers — a growing trend we love to see in the industry.

    Head to any of its smaller stores to sip on its extensive range of espressos and filter brews, or head to the main Richmond location for even more options and to chat with the roasters about what they’re working on. Here, you’ll also find stacks of pastries and cakes, plus a few light bites to eat in the arvo.

    Image: Lewis McQueen

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  • 16
    Vacation Melbourne - home to some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

    Located on the corner of Flinders and Exhibition Street, this pastel pink cafe doubles as a retail outlet where customers can purchase coffee not just by the cup but by the bag. It’s also somewhere you can go for high-quality brews without being a qualified expert. The team are approachable and friendly about the coffee it roasts and serves.

    It isn’t just all coffee, though — the cafe also has a tight menu of muesli, toast and sandwiches. You also get a pretty good view out over the traffic of Flinders Street — if you have the time, sit in and do a spot of people-watching as you get your caffeine fix.

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  • 15

    Behind the sleek and unassuming facade of Axil Coffee Roasters’ HQ in Hawthorn, you’ll find what can only be described as a quintessential ‘coffee barn’ for the city that lives and breathes coffee. A sizeable seating space for 75 is replete with a cupping room and a well-stocked retail selection of both beans and foodie equipment.

    Theatrical and buzzing but large enough to be personable and original, Axil built a thriving reputation in only a few short years. As expected, the selection of coffee on offer is expansive, considered and consistently good. A changing list of single-origins, filter selections and a great house blend will keep everyone from the dowdiest drinker to the ultimate enthusiast pleased.

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  • 14
    Au 79 - home to some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

    Abbotsford’s Au79 may mostly be known for its banging brunch menu and freshly baked bread and pastries, but it also roasts some of the best coffee in Melbourne. Its signature Midas blend is served in cafes all over the city, but the ever-changing filter brews are mostly only found in its own cafe.

    And if you really fall for this coffee but don’t live or work in the area, be sure to check out Au79’s coffee subscription. Tell the team how you like your coffee, and they’ll send out regular shipments of different brews, either as whole beans or ground — although any good coffee snob would tell you to always grind your own coffee fresh and never buy it pre-ground.

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  • 13
    Iced Sour Coffee at The Flour in West Melbourne. Home to some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

    Located in a small but charming storefront in West Melbourne, The Flour is a calm, inviting cafe that entices people with great French pastries and unique blends of coffee unlike any they’ve had before. Started up by April Yoonhee Bae, a wonderfully talented pastry chef, and her husband, Harry Hyun-suk Go, as an online bakery business back in 2017, today it is a vibrant and relaxing space to indulge in good food and even better coffee.

    The baristas pour all the love and time into crafting each cup of joe, with our favourite being the coffee sour. For this one, baristas slowly pour the house filter blend and then chuck it into a soda stream to add some fizz. It’s then served on ice with a dash of fresh lemon juice and some blackcurrant juice. This is one of our very favourite coffees in Melbourne.

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  • 12
    Code Black Coffee in Brunswick - home to some of the best coffee in Melbourne

    Coffee savants may be able to smell the roasting of beans from Sydney Road, but the Code Black warehouse front doesn’t give as much away. The industrial-sized frosted sliding door may only be open a crack, and if there’s no one sipping a latte out front, passers-by may be forgiven for thinking it’s closed. But, inside, the place is big and bustling — like Wonka’s chocolate factory for the caffeine addicted.

    Opening back in 2013, it has constantly stayed towards the front of Melbourne’s roasting community pack. The guys see the process right through from beginning to end — from farm to cup — which is something rather nice to consider as that last bit of espresso lingers on your lips. Booze-wise, it also does a mean coffee sour and coffee old fashioned.

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  • 11
    Dukes Coffee Roasters on Flinders Lane in Melbourne. Home to some of the best coffee in Melbourne,

    From its cosy flagship space on Flinders Lane, Dukes Coffee Roasters is championing specialty coffee with a conscience, focused on environmental and social sustainability as much as on the final drink. The team’s firm on its commitment to ethically traded and sourced coffee, with each lot of beans traceable back to the farm it came from.

    The Dukes blends are crafted from mostly organic beans sourced from across Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. And they’re showcased through a whole swag of methods, from classic espresso to filter and French press. Pair it with a pastry and try to nab one of the few seats to get the best Dukes experience.

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  • 10
    Coffee roasting at Wide Open Road - home to some of the best coffee Melbourne

    From the team behind A Minor Place, Wide Open Road on Brunswick’s Barkly Street offers much more than the unassuming shop front suggests. With the subtle signage and brick finish, the place comes to life as soon as you enter the door.

    On top of the cafe space, Wide Open Road has its own roastery, cupping room and green bean storage. While it focuses on creating beautiful roasts for its own cafe, it also sells retail to the general public and a handful of wholesale customers. It uses its Bathysphere blend as the everyday pour with single origin, drip, filter and iced varieties on offer. Coffee is a serious business, and it does it incredibly well.

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  • 9
    Bubble coffee at Industry Beans in Melbourne - some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

    It’s been over eight years since Trevor and Steve Simmons launched their first Industry Beans coffee roastery and cafe in the backstreets of Fitzroy. It would quickly become a landmark of Australia’s coffee scene, growing to encompass a seven-strong stable of venues across Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

    The current Fitzroy site houses a large dining space, an on-site coffee roastery and a dedicated retail area. The ever-innovative coffee menu features a mix of signature favourites like the Fitzroy Street blend alongside new seasonal creations to enjoy with the roaster’s top-notch rotation of caffeinated delights. There are also variations of iced drinks on offer, including the bubble coffee range — which features coffee-soaked tapioca pearls.

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  • 8
    Barista at Patricia - home to some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

    Patricia Coffee Brewers might seem simple on the surface, perhaps yet another Melbourne cafe crammed into a barely workable space. But look again. As one of the first spots in the city to charm drinkers with a tiny standing-room-only space, it’s the mixture of old-school allure and Melbourne sensibilities that has coffee lovers – literally – lining up outside the door every morning (and afternoon).

    Since its opening in 2011, this inconspicuous slice of the city has gone about serving excellent coffee that it roasts itself — white, black or filter — in its own simple way. Don’t come expecting fancy creations. Just come for great, simple coffee brewed to perfection.

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  • 7
    St Ali - home to some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

    When you think about the beginnings of Melbourne’s third-wave coffee movement, it can probably be traced back to St Ali. Not just a boutique, local roaster of rich, cult-inducing coffee beans, St Ali was also something much more — an industrial-style cafe on a South Melbourne back street serving brunch that was as good as its brew.

    Despite the saturation of the city’s cafe scene and local coffee roasters providing stiff competition, St Ali has survived the movement to remain a pure Melbourne institution. While this can be put down to its cult-like status, the truth is that — in this town — good coffee and consistently incredible food get you a long, long way.

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  • 6
    Proud Mary - home to some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

    Say what you want about Melbourne’s hyped-up cafe culture, but some things just work. And sometimes they work really well — at least, that’s the case of Proud Mary in Collingwood. Even though it opened way, way back in 2009, Proud Mary still continually has to manage customer lines out the front — even on weekdays.

    Since then, many cafes have opened (and closed), but this Collingwood fixture still stands tall and proud. Perhaps it’s the coffee it roasts, which comes from all around the world, or maybe it’s the solid cafe menu. Most likely, it’s the stellar combination of the two. You don’t become a Melbourne institution for nothing.

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  • 5
    Small Batch coffee roastery and cafe in North Melbourne - best coffee in Melbourne

    The origin of Small Batch stems from Andrew Kelly, who’s best known for originally opening Auction Rooms in North Melbourne. He has since sold the business, but it was up there as one of the best cafes in Melbourne when he ran it.

    Nowadays, he has moved away from the brunch game, focusing on all things coffee at Small Batch. The ethos here centres around three vital pillars. Firstly, it must taste great. Secondly, it must have a positive social impact. And lastly, it has to support sustainable agriculture. Marvellously, it has achieved all this within its warehouse space in North Melbourne, where it also slings its own pastries and sells a heap of local produce. This hidden gem is easily one of the best Melbourne coffee spots.

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  • 4
    A barista pouring filter coffee at One Coffee - the best cafe in Melbourne. Home to some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

    We all know Melburnians love coffee. It makes sense, then, that one of the best specialty roasters in the country opened a cafe in our fair city. The award-winning coffee company has a swag of popular Canberra cafes, plus one in Sydney that opened back in 2018 and opened a ‘coffee sanctuary’ in Brunswick back in 2020.

    Step inside the bright, minimalist interior and sit at the interactive coffee bar, and you’ll see that Ona Coffee Melbourne goes far beyond your standard cafe. For one, the bar has dedicated sections for espresso, milk work and filter brewing. But, the most impressive part is the coffee, naturally, with a 20-plus list to choose from. You’ll find frothy milk coffees, single-origin espressos, batch brews, pour-overs, iced coffee, cold brews and a special frozen coffee for when the heat hits Melbourne.

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  • 3
    Coffee at Aunty Peg's - some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

    If you wander into Aunty Peg’s looking for a latte, you won’t find one. But rather than being turned away, you’ll be sat down at the bar. You’ll be talked through the coffee, perhaps given a taste or a smell (no obligation, of course). And before you know it, you’ll probably be sipping a nitrogen-charged cold brew straight out of a beer glass.

    That seems like standard practice at Aunty Peg’s, which opened back in 2014 to showcase and sell the best beans Proud Mary can find. The drop-in coffee bar is attached to the Proud Mary roastery, which is conveniently just a hop, skip and jump from their flagship cafe. Head here with an open mind, and prepare to try some of the very best coffee in Melbourne.

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  • 2
    Market Lane Coffee at Queen Victoria Market — home to some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

    Anyone who takes it upon themselves to ‘make coffee for the city that loves to drink it’ sets themselves up for a challenge. But it’s come as a walk in the park for Market Lane Coffee, which has established an enviable presence in Melbourne and, with it, has reeducated the public about what an excellent cup of coffee truly looks like.

    Since 2009, it has spread itself across the city with an arsenal based on creating an obscenely good product. Originating out of a humble lane at Prahran Market — the roastery’s flagship store — this dynasty now includes outposts at Therry Lane in the CBD, Faraday Street, Carlton and the Dairy Produce Hall at Queen Victoria Market. Head to any of these locations to sip on some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

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  • 1
    Barista at Seven Seeds Carlton - Melbourne cafe

    It’s easy to miss Seven Seeds on Berkeley Street, hidden in one of the quieter pockets of Carlton. This micro-roaster, cafe and retailer is hidden behind a wood-panelled door, which serves as a humble ruse for one of Melbourne’s most marvelled cafe creations.

    The team here is renowned for bringing the best and tastiest characteristics out of a bean, and it’s one of the few roasteries to cup what it roasts on a daily basis. There’s only one size for coffee here, purely so these craft masters can delicately balance your shot in proportion to water or milk that suits best. At a glance, it seems ostentatious, but at a sip, it is unquestionable. This is where you’ll find Melbourne’s best coffee.

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Top images: INI Studio

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