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Daily Detours for the Week of June 19

Featuring a game of bingo that you've definitely never played with gran.
By James Whitton
June 19, 2017

Daily Detours for the Week of June 19

Featuring a game of bingo that you've definitely never played with gran.
By James Whitton
June 19, 2017


Featuring a game of bingo that you've definitely never played with gran.

When your nine-to-five plays out like a well-oiled machine, it can sometimes feel like each week is a little same-same. But Sydney is brimming with a fine bounty of things to experience and explore each and every day. So aside from casual laziness and a little lack of inspiration, there's really nothing stopping you from squeezing some adventure and spontaneity into your schedule.

We've teamed up with Mazda3 to celebrate the landmark 40th anniversary of their iconic small cars, and in turn, help you celebrate the little things that bring that sense of adventure to life. Shake things up, as we give you seven different detours to take each week in Sydney. From Monday to Sunday, enrich your everyday with one completely achievable activity that inspires you to take the scenic route as you go about your daily routine.

This week, peek into the newly resurrected Lansdowne Hotel, find out who is the most viking of all your friends and learn how to smoke your own meats and cheese. Plus, we've got your future detours sorted for the new few weeks here.

All require no more effort than a tiny break from the norm — what's your excuse for not trying them all?

  • 7
    Finger-lickin' Eats at El Jannah

    To the uninitiated, the shop at El Jannah‘s flagship store appears unassuming, like any other takeaway joint around. But you obviously haven’t had the pleasure of licking their famed garlic sauce from your fingers. El Jannah has been slaking the hunger of western Sydney locals for nearly twenty years, steadily busting out quick, cheap and tasty food. The jewel in the crown though is some incredible charcoal chicken. Cooked to perfection with a healthy dose of garlic sauce on the side, that chook is more than worth the trip to get amongst those El Jannah poultry delights.

    Image: @kerensurja / Instagram.

  • 6
    Groove Therapy

    Whether you think you can dance or know for a fact that you can’t, we’ve got a helluva mid-week activity for you. Held each and every Tuesday evening at 107 Projects in Redfern, Groove Therapy is a relaxed, hour-long dance class for the aspiring street dancer in all of us. There’s no pressure, no recitals and — most importantly — no mirrors.

    Indeed, the workshops are designed for beginner students who might feel intimidated by a more professional environment. Don’t let that fool you though, because the instructors are legit, and will have you popping and locking in no time. It’s perfect for those of us who dream of burning up the dance floor, but have never had the moves to back it up.

  • 5
    An Old Favourite Rediscovered at The Lansdowne

    It was a sad day in the history of Sydney live music when the Lansdowne Hotel announced that they were shutting their doors for a final time. After years of giving a leg up to the lesser-known local acts and providing a stage for massive homegrown artists like The Living End or You Am I, the Lansdowne Hotel called it quits for good. And then two years later, the team behind Mary’s swooped in to resurrect the iconic pub. In some of the best news all year, the Lansdowne has thrown its doors open again and stretched its welcoming arms to draw everyone in for a warm hug of pub grub, cheap beer and good music.

    Image: Jack Steel.

  • 4
    Underground Cinema: Dream

    Be brave. Take a deep breath. Grab your popcorn and choc top, and step into the unknown. Yes, the clandestine movie lovers at Underground Cinema are back — and we’re giddy with anticipation.

    Here’s what we know: Underground Cinema is hosting a secret screening of an unknown science fiction film from Thursday, June 22 to Saturday, June 24. Don’t ask us what the movie will be, because we haven’t the first idea. This time, the only clues you have to roll with are a sci-fi/thriller genre and a dress code: “dress for a successful future”. But isn’t the mystery half the fun? Of course you’re not just paying for a movie, but for a full-blown immersive experience. There’ll also be hot food and a cash bar onsite — wherever the site ends up being. Tickets are selling fast, so get in quick, or be left to wonder what it is you’re missing out on.

    Image: Nicholas Joel Photography. 

  • 3
    Bongo's Bingo

    Bongo’s Bingo is a games night like you’ve never seen before. Part club, part rave, and, of course, part bingo night, this unlikely fusion event has been wildly popular in the UK since 2015. Now, they’re taking the show on the road and launching in Australia this June. Tonight at Paddington Town Hall, patrons can expect all of the debauchery of the original British version of Bongo’s Bingo, including rave intervals, dancing on tables and a loose kind of bingo that you definitely never played with your nan. The victorious players can win everything from big cash prizes to a Hills Hoist — there are some absolutely ridiculous prizes on offer. The Sydney launch event will be presided over by founder and comic ringleader Jonny Bongo who, as one would expect, is a character in the truest sense of the word and even holds the world record for the biggest ever pub quiz. Tickets are $40 and include six games of bingo.

  • 2
    Urban Axe Throwing at Maniax

    A weekend routine can often become something worn and mundane that you kick on with week after week, never really changing up. And this lack of fresh, new and lovely things to do can sometimes make you angry, so angry in fact that you could just throw something. Luckily throwing things — axes to be precise — is exactly what Maniax has on offer, so you can channel that heated urge into something new and exciting to do this weekend. Great for groups, Maniax gives you the chance to very safely hurl a hunk of sharpened steel attached to a flimsy handle, and compete with your friends to see who has the most Viking blood coursing through them. Hurl those hatchets, sink a bullseye and when it’s time to calm down after all the axe-lobbing excitement, explore the rest of Precinct 75, housing a number of awesome designers and creators, as well as the Willie the Boatman tasting bar.

  • 1
    Home Smoking 101

    Along with offering excellent food and drink at its cafe, Cornersmith is also an advocate for and teacher of a more sustainable, more delicious way of living. From teaching the fundamentals of preserves, to explaining the basics of pickling, Cornersmith is dedicated to sharing ways of making your food last longer, taste better and do more for you nutritionally. Next up on the list of classes is how to smoke stuff. Smoking meats has become massive around Sydney in the last few years, so why not try your hand at it? The crew shows you not only how to smoke traditional meats and fish, but also, for the less carnivorous, how to smoke cheeses and tofu.


    Personalise your next adventure via The Playmaker, driven by Mazda3.

    By James Whitton, Tom Clift and Marissa Ciampi.

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