Luna Ring Could Power the World

Solar power from the moon could power the world.

Pat Fogarty
Published on June 13, 2011

We've seen some cool ideas for putting solar cells in novel places, and everyone agrees that being able to better harness the sun's energy would go a long way to solving our energy problems. But perhaps it's time we thought a bit bigger than solar-charging furniture... a lot bigger. Like, evil-scientist scheme big.

It just so happens that scientists at Japan's Shimizu construction corporation (who aren't evil — probably) have been thinking big for us. They are proposing that we use the moon as a giant solar farm, laying the surface with a ring of photo-voltaic cells to capture some of the 13,000 terawatts of solar energy that hits the moon each day, then beaming it back to earth via laser or microwave.

Although LUNA RING sounds like something out of a sci-fi novel, the technology required for such a project already exists. What keeps the project from becoming a reality immediately is the, pardon the pun, astronomical cost.

Such a massive venture would have an incalculable benefit for the entire world, and would probably require the co-operation and support of the entire world. Given that the world can't organise a football tournament without a few problems, this might be one world-saving project that never gets off the ground. Which would be a great shame.

[via geeksaresexy]

Published on June 13, 2011 by Pat Fogarty
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