Students Create Futuristic Two-Wheeled Vehicle

Adelaide University students have created an inventive two wheeled contraption that could solve inner city transport issues.

Joe McQuillen
Published on June 14, 2011

Students from the University of Adelaide have created an odd new two-wheeled vehicle that seeks to solve inner city transport problems. The 'Edward', or Electric Diwheel With Active Rotation Dampening, looks like something out of an eco-friendly sci-movie. It also happens to share a resemblance with South Park's It, which Mr. Garrison created as an alternative mode of transport to airplanes for those willing to try anything but.

The Edward can reach 40 kilometres per hour and at a mere incline of 12 degrees, and is the first diwheel vehicle (a vehicle with two wheels on the same axle with a cabin mounted between them) that uses stabilising technology that stops the driver from being rocked back and fourth as the vehicle moves.

The vehicle is battery powered, meaning that it is incredibly environmentally friendly and also almost silent. Not to mention that its size would make it ideal for parking and driving down crowded and busy city streets. And while it may not be roadworthy just yet - the South Australian Transport Department recently rejected an application for the Edward to be driven on the streets - this contraption provides an interesting solution to the problems associated with traveling by car in inner city areas.

Via [Fast Company]

Published on June 14, 2011 by Joe McQuillen
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