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By Zacha Rosen
December 12, 2011

Alterations, Disturbances and Rips

Collage gets the respect it deserves in this group show.
By Zacha Rosen
December 12, 2011

In primary school, ripping into collages lets you take grown-up things and shape them to your infant will. High school art class gives it back to you as culture. This art tradition embraced by Pop Art, pioneered by Dadaists with photo and pen, gets most of its airtime through stencil art these days. Photoshopping and outright collage still stir controversy,  but it's rare to see the form get a dedicated show. For a brief correction, aMBUSH Gallery has brought a group of five local collage artists together to highlight this under-appreciated form, for the exhibition Alterations, Disturbances and Rips.

Like their art, the five artists in this exhibition are juxtaposed for maximum contrast. Mauro Palmieri's art shows off his collage figure studies, Hilary Faye's giant figures stride Godzilla-like around their everyday landscapes and Kareem Rizk's earthy palette will feature. Dada-inspired Joel Lambeth and Danilo Brando's blind subjects are also on show. It's a short season, but these visual mash-ups have been shuffled together especially for your enjoyment. Check them out in this school-free setting before they shuffle away completely.

Alterations, Disturbances and Rips opens Thursday December 15, at 6pm.

Images by Joel Lambeth and Mauro Palmieri.

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