'The Lord of the Rings' Marathon — Extended Edition

Stock up on lembas bread to make it through all three films, back to back and in their extended forms, on the big screen.
Concrete Playground
Published on July 04, 2024


They're taking the hobbits to Isengard at Dendy Newtown this winter, with one movie marathon to rule them all. Round up the Fellowship, stock up on lembas bread for sustenance and hide your finest pipe-weed from the Southfarthing for a sitting of all three of Peter Jackson's beloved OG Tolkien film adaptations in their extended editions.

Kicking off with The Fellowship of the Ring and ending with The Return of the King (with The Two Towers in the middle, of course), this cave troll of a marathon will see you making the cinema your home for almost 12 hours — with the journey starting at 11am on Saturday, July 6, and also taking place again on Saturday, August 24.

If you make it through breakfast and second breakfast to the final handful of endings, you can pat yourself on the back and smash a ringwraith screech at the nearest person on your way home (note: do not actually screech at people).

Tickets are the precious and come in at $35 for the whole ordeal in one of Dendy's regular cinemas, or $60 for a lounge session.


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