Throw Axe Penrith

Ready to unleash your inner warrior? Grab your mates and head here to start hurlin'.
Kosa Monteith
Published on May 05, 2023


Unleash your inner lumberjack (or viking) with an axe-throwing session at Throw Axe. Over two hours, you'll get a tour and tutorial of this martial skill — perfect your stance and aim with a few rounds of practice, then battle it out in a full-on tournament. Just grab a posse of six or more and you'll be throwin' in no time.

You could don your civilian gear or dress up for the occasion — animal hides or a horned helmet could unleash the warrior within. Stick with a single axe throw or challenge yourself to hit the target with a double. It's part workout, but mostly fun. Plus, you don't need to be a pro-thrower or even particularly strong. Afterwards, beeline for the chillout zone that's stocked up with refreshments — and you can BYO snacks. If you've got a real appetite for destruction, head to Smash Stuff afterwards. It's here you can, well, smash stuff in the Rage Room. After all of that, you'll have surely let off all of your steam.


Tap and select Add to Home Screen to access Concrete Playground easily next time. x