Newkind Is Tasmania's New Immersive Festival That Prepares You for Rebuilding Society

Spend a weekend preparing for the apocalypse in a secret Tassie location.

There are more than a couple of covert events taking place in the Tasmanian wilderness right now. But as of 2017, there is one less. Two revolutionaries — aliases Spinifex and Dr. Gesundheit — have left the cover of the canopy to declare they're constructing a contingency for the ailing human race. Starting today, they're calling for potential crew members who know — or want to learn — a thing or two about rebuilding societies from the ashes up.

So as not to raise suspicion or alarm, the training/selection process has been given the moniker of Newkind Festival. The immersive event purports to be presented by UpUpTrampoline, a group known for creating live art events that pursue social change. The lie is a necessary one. For four days from March 17-20 in a secret location in eastern Tasmania known only as 'base camp', participants will become initiates of the future — the Newkind — and imbued with the skills to navigate the ascent out of the cataclysm.

The Newkind are split into six categories — farmers, scouts, healers, administrators, engineers and artists — depending on the contribution one wants to make to the new world. Each group will camp together over the course of the weekend, taking part in lectures and classes on assisting a chastened humanity in rebuilding. For those with skills to share, Spinifex and the good doctor are still accepting applications for volunteers here.

At $400 a pop, tickets are pricey. Then again, it includes all meals and the promise of calm acceptance should anarchy begin to shred the lie we call society. The reckoning isn't far off now. Will you be the one left in the desert still searching for phone reception or leading a small band to the only drinkable water for miles? Newkind Festival could be the difference.

Newkind Festival will take place in a secret location in eastern Tasmania from March 17-20. Tickets are on sale and can be bought at newkindfestival.com.

Published on January 04, 2017 by Matt Abotomey

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