Cosmo's Midnight Share Their Summer Highs, Creative Influences and Love of Disco Ahead of For The Love 2023

"We've extended our listening into more recent decades to see how the natural progression of disco leaned to house and pop — and what we can take from those eras that is so timeless and exciting."
Grace MacKenzie
February 16, 2023

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Cosmo's Midnight is the playful moniker for the much-adored Sydney-based production duo made up of twins Cosmo and Patrick Liney. The pair have been writing and producing feel-good jams since 2012, with their ever-evolving sound and clear natural talent seeing them only continue to rise in popularity across the globe. For the uninitiated, their songs are eclectic and yet instantly recognisable: dance tracks heavy on the instrumentals, floaty lyrics and sky-high vibes.

After a 2022 chock-full of buzzing festival crowds and tours here and abroad, Cosmo's Midnight are getting ready to take to the For The Love stage on the Gold Coast (Saturday, February 25) followed by legs in Wollongong (Sunday, February 26), Melbourne (Saturday, March 4) and Perth (Sunday, March 5) — along with a stacked lineup. Joining them are legendary pop and dance icons Charli XCX and Duke Dumont, plus Budjerah, Sonny Fodera and Snakehips to name a few.

Ahead of their tour with For The Love (curated by renowned party-throwers from Untitled Group), we caught up with Cosmo and Patrick to chat about their summer highs, creative influences and how they're feeling ahead of the waterside gigs.


First up, how are you both? Enjoying summer? You've spent the warmer months hitting festival stages here and abroad — there must be some exhaustion in there!

"Doing very well, it's nice to finally have a summer where we aren't dodging flood waters. After pretty extensive touring for the last half of 2022, it's been so good to recoup and hit the beach in between writing sessions. We're currently writing some of the best music we've ever put together and can't wait to show some of the stuff Pat and I have been working on."

On and off the stage, what have been your summer highs?

"Hitting Hobbiton in New Zealand was a massive highlight, we've been massive fans of LOTR and Tolkien as a whole our entire lives. It was so magical walking through the set and having the opportunity to get turpsed at The Green Dragon, the pub from The Shire. Also just touring with our band is so fun, they've been good mates of ours since before we started doing shows together and we spent one torrential day in Auckland go-karting in inch-deep water. No one else was on the track so the people running it just let us have free reign, trying to destroy each other and doing our best to recreate Tokyo Drift."

Amazing! What's it like touring with your sibling?

"It's really easy despite the fact we have little sibling tiffs every now and then — they're always quickly resolved and never spiral into something sinister. Luckily we both enjoy the same general things outside of music, so there's no massive vote required to figure out what the band is going to do when we're not on stage."

You both exude such a positive energy when performing, how does it feel to be on stage?

"We both love performing, as far as music goes it's the biggest payoff of writing and developing a live show. Seeing how people respond to your music is the truest review you can get in this age of music streaming, where it's hard to tell what people think immediately — where we more so just watch the play counts rack up."

For The Love is about to kick off its run of music events to see out Australia's summer, how are you both feeling ahead of taking the stage?

"Really excited, we're keen to debut some new music and renditions of old songs to up the ante even further. It's been a while since we've hit a national tour in Australia so it will be great to see some familiar spaces and faces!"

How do you prep for a gig? Any non-negotiables in the lead up?

"Always rehearse really close to show day. Despite all the touring we did last year, we made sure to go through everything again with the band before we hit a tour. We all got so familiar with our live set last year after touring through Europe, UK, USA that I think we got a bit cocky and thought it might be okay to skip it... luckily we decided against it. Always gotta break out the WD-40 even when nothing sounds rusty."

Whose set on the For The Love lineup are you most excited to catch?

"I'm so excited to see Charli perform, we've been big fans of hers throughout her career and the ebbs and flows she's had as she explores different genres and styles. Unfortunately we've never caught her live, so it's going to be a massive highlight to see her at FTL — I hope we get to meet her!"

I have everything crossed for you! Do you have a favourite track to perform?

"It changes as time goes on but currently we have a really fun extended version of CUDI that is just so satisfying and exciting to play. I feel like if your song doesn't give you tingles when you're performing it, you've got to work on it until it does and we've reached that sweet spot with CUDI."

You've got a unique and recognisable sound — inherently upbeat with a little eighties-disco edge. What are you influenced by creatively?

"You're entirely right, we do listen to a lot of disco for inspiration. Before every new musical endeavour we do a massive amount of listening to kind of figure out the palette and sound for our next project. These last two years, we've extended our listening into more recent decades like the nineties and two-thousands to see both how the natural progression of disco leaned to house and pop — and what we can take from those eras that is so timeless and exciting."

I've had a good old internet dig, and gleaned that your third album is well on its way to ears — how are you feeling about it? What can we expect from Cosmo's Midnight in the near-ish future?

"Solid investigative work you've done there! It's well on the way, some would even say its getting wrapped up soon! We're feeling really excited and confident for the new project, it's some of the most upbeat and fluid writing we've done to date and we're really looking forward to dripping them out so everyone can get across them all."

Are you taking any time off after the For The Love run?

"We're going to take some time off to plan the rest of the year music and touring-wise. We're also going to use some downtime to work on other artists' projects, maybe do some writing camps and holidaying! It's always a good time mid-year to see what is happening up in the northern hemisphere."

And finally, what are your three favourite places to eat and drink in Sydney?

"Shameless plugs for friends: I love visiting my mates over at Baba's Place in Marrickville for a bite to eat! Then Naija Jollof has really good West African food just up the street from me, which is really hearty and spicy. Cafe Nho in Marrickville has the coffee with the closest taste to that in Vietnam, if you've travelled there and miss the coffee I'd strongly recommend trying it out!"


Cosmo's Midnight are set to take the For The Love stage on the Gold Coast (Saturday, February 25) and in Wollongong (Sunday, February 26), Melbourne (Saturday, March 4) and Perth (Sunday, March 5). For more info and to nab your tickets, head to the website.

Published on February 16, 2023 by Grace MacKenzie
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