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By Shannon Connellan
February 09, 2015

This Swing Table Just Made Meetings Way More Fun

Swing your way through boring PowerPoint presentations.
By Shannon Connellan
February 09, 2015

Now this will make everyone turn up to boring ol' Monday meetings. British furniture designer Christopher Duffy has obviously spent too many meetings in horribly regular chairs, as he's gone and designed this genuinely high-fiveable solution — meeting swings instead of meeting chairs. Meet the King Arthur Round Table — yep, its actual name.

Jensen's giving the annual growth report? Stay awake by swinging. Fire drill training? Swing it out. Duffy's straight-up clever King Arthur set is available from 12-seat down to four-seat options, and you can opt for walnut or birch tops. And predictably, the 12-seat will set your boss back a cheeky $16,000 before tax or shipping. But think of the PowerPoint presentations you could swing through. Attendance would be through the roof.

"As soon as people sit in it, they instantly open up, their posture changes and they start smiling," Duffy told Fast Company. "There's a different feeling when you're hanging from something than when you're sitting and you're supported from underneath."

If you're not content simply swinging your way through daily meetings, Duffy's also designed a whole two-level swing bar set-up, so you can swing through post-work drinks too.

Via Fast Company.

Published on February 09, 2015 by Shannon Connellan

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