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By Sarah Ward
August 06, 2018

Nathen Street: Space Pixels

The free interactive installation is inspired by Atari 2600 computer games.
By Sarah Ward
August 06, 2018

When you're wandering around the foyer of an arts venue, it can get a little noisy. You're probably there to see a gig, exhibition or show — and you're likely chatting to your mates while you look at art, grab a drink or wait to be seated. Brisbane Powerhouse doesn't want you to stop that. In fact, its latest installation wants more of it. And, the long-term piece will change and react to the sounds echoing within its walls.

That's Nathen Street's Space Pixels, which is comprised of hanging sculptures made of mirrored stainless steel and light. They're shaped like something out of Space Invaders, and they fire off different shapes and patterns depending on the transient noise picked up by nearby microphones.

Yes, your chatter will influence the installation's kaleidoscopic images and intensity, so expect Space Pixels to light up next time you're in the vicinity. The interactive artwork is on display until April 1, 2021, and takes inspiration from Atari 2600 computer games, specifically the coloured pixel explosions that occur in titles like Asteroids.

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