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By Sarah Ward
October 17, 2017

Stranger Things Trivia Night

Enter the upside down of the trivia world before the show's second season hits.
By Sarah Ward
October 17, 2017

When it comes to spotting the show's '80s movie references, watching an episode of Stranger Things is like taking a quiz. Which poster will we spy on someone's wall? Which films will get a nod? Which flicks will you feel a need to watch immediately afterwards? How much do the Duffer brothers, aka the folks behind the series, love Steven Spielberg and Stephen King?

As well as proving a rather fun viewing experience for movie buffs, all of Stranger Things' nodding and winking also serves another purpose. If you've been paying close attention while you binged and re-binged on the first season, you probably know the program back-to-front. And, as a result, you're ready to enter the upside down of the trivia world — aka Man vs Bear's evening dedicated to the show.

Head to Electric Avenue in Woolloongabba from 7pm on October 23 to slay the demogorgons — i.e. your fellow competitors — with your knowledge of Hawkins' geography, the recipe for Eggos and #justiceforbarb. The timing is perfect, with the new season dropping on Netflix on October 27. Gift vouchers and a whisky tasting are up for grabs for the winners, and while we're not promising that the venue will live up to its luminous name by letting you answer each question using Christmas lights, we are going to live in hope.

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