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By Lauren Vadnjal
December 15, 2015
By Lauren Vadnjal
December 15, 2015

There are two types of people in this world: people who need a coffee in the morning and the people who don't. We don't know too many people from the latter group, so we're going to say that there's a lot of us who rely on that first whizzbang hit of sweet, sweet caffeine either first thing in the morning or shortly thereafter. But, like the generation we are, we're always looking to get things faster, easier, and in a much cooler form. And we assume that's where the Go Cube came from.

Go Cubes are chewy gummy lollies made with real cold brew coffee, and are supposed to give the same — if not an enhanced — effect as an actual cup of the stuff. Each cube is equivalent to half a cup of coffee, and is filled with nootropics, which are supplements and functional foods that help improve some aspects of mental function. In other words, they are supposed to do the same thing that a latte does: get the brain juices flowing. They come in three flavours — latte, pure drip and mocha — and yes, they're vegan.

The cubes come from San Francisco-based company Nootrobox, who specialise in these types of 'brain' foods and compounds. At the moment Go Cubes are on pre-order, having raised all their funds through Indiegogo.

This could be a good alternative for those who have a penchant for Red Bull or three double espressos in the morning. But for those who enjoy the ritual of getting a coffee — and actually like drinking the stuff — you'll probably get the same effect (and more deliciousness) by sticking to good old liquid form. Nevertheless, chewy coffee lollies are something we can get on board with.


Published on December 15, 2015 by Lauren Vadnjal


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