Gifts to Buy for Your Fur Baby Because You Just Can't Help Yourself

Your very good boy deserves nothing but the best.
Jordan Kretchmer
Published on June 11, 2021

Gifts to Buy for Your Fur Baby Because You Just Can't Help Yourself

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Your very good boy deserves nothing but the best.

Four-legged friends are much more than just friends. They are a reason to get out of bed in the morning and go for a walk; they offer unwavering loyalty; and they can sense your emotions to know exactly when you need a cuddle. So, it's only fitting that you treat your pooch like a member of the family. Just like any good family member, sometimes pooches need to be spoiled, too.

So, in partnership with American Express, we've rounded up a selection of the most useful, cute and plush pet presents to bequeath them with. Whether it's a botanical wash that will leave your dog smelling as good as (or even better than) you, or a chew toy that's as chic as the accessories in your own wardrobe, these gifts will be sure to please the pup in your life.

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    Plush pet beds are practical, but if you really want to spoil your dog while also keeping with your home’s aesthetic, this rattan pet bed is the perfect solution. The raised base is woven and built from palm tree trunks and branches, while the soft cream cushion cover is removable and totally washable. At $545, it’s not a cheap option but this solid dog bed will add a touch of Hamptons summer house chic to any room, while also being a practical snuggle spot for your dog.

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    Dogs may not be able to eat most desserts but this sweets-inspired soft toy will let them join in on the fun. The interactive ‘hide-and-seek’ toy has a small soft ‘waffle’ with three squeaky strawberry-shaped toys that you can pop inside so your dog can snoop them out. The interactive element engages their mind, which prevents boredom and encourages play and mental stimulation. Dogue has a wide range of different plush toys that will keep dogs guessing and playing throughout the day.

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    Dry shampoo has long been the remedy for human hair in need of a little TLC, and now dogs can reap the benefits of no-wash shampoo, too. Bondi Wash’s Dry Dog wash is made from plant-derived ingredients and will refresh your pooches coat without the need for a b-a-t-h. The paperbark and lemongrass-scented powder formula repels insects, removes dirt and has Australian banksia seed oil for a soft and glossy coat. Plus, it is formulated specifically for a dog’s sensitive skin (but humans can use it, too).

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    While your dog may manage to find itself sleeping in your bed sometimes, gifting them their own bed means they can have a spot of their own, and you can sleep in peace (and with less fur). This supportive yet soft handmade bed uses premium cotton and is both practical and comfortable. The bed comes in three different prints — a dusty pink wildflower print; the same option in a navy blue; or a multi-coloured coastal-inspired pattern. So, you can pick one that works best in your home. It also comes in two different sizes, so whether you’ve got a compact pooch or a big boy, they’ll have plenty of room to snooze and snuggle.

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    Sydney’s coffee scene has come a long way in the past decade, but there’s no denying the impact that Campos Coffee had on the movement. If you feel as strongly about your pup as you do the quality of your morning brew, then Campos Coffee’s dog bowl, in the brand’s iconic green, is a must-purchase.

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    This soft and simple dog cushion is a classic bedding option for good boys and girls. Coming in three sizes and two different colourways (light and dark grey), the plush top offers comfort while the corduroy sides add texture. The cover is removable and machine washable, making it easy for owners to keep clean.

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