Haku Vodka Special Set Menu at Sokyo

Sokyo is serving up a special menu inspired by the refined Japanese spirit for a limited time only.
Orlaith Costello
Published on June 19, 2024

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As Sydney continues its obsession with Omakase and fine dining — despite the cost-of-living crisis — venues like The Star's Sydney hatted Japanese Omakase restaurant Sokyo Sydney are leading the charge in offering luxe culinary experiences without busting your budget.

Developed by executive chef Daniel Kwak, Sokyo is serving up a limited-edition tasting menu inspired by Haku Vodka, a craft spirit from the House of Suntory. The $100 menu offers a taste of omakase dining for a third of the price and is available Mondays to Thursdays fin July and August.


Where's This Special Offer Available?

The special menu is being served at Sokyo, The Star Sydney's high-class Omakase restaurant. The usual Omakase experience is $300, but this special Haku Vodka-inspired menu will get you in the door for just a third of that, and it includes a bespoke Haku martini.

Sokyo's culinary offerings are spearheaded by executive chef Daniel Kwak. Daniel joined Sokyo in 2013 and has been pivotal in establishing it as one of Sydney's top Japanese restaurants. Born in Korea, he grew up immersed in the restaurant industry. After studying culinary arts and working in Fiji, he moved to Australia in 2008, plying his trade at Waqu Japanese restaurant. Daniel joined Sokyo as a Junior Sous Chef in 2013, focusing on creating perfectly balanced, umami-rich dishes and has worked up the ranks.


What's on the Special Menu?

The experience begins with a delicate salmon tartare featuring fresh Tasmania's Storm Bay salmon, crispy senbei (rice cracker) and a subtle heat from karashi su miso. Next on the menu is the toro crispy rice, combining rich, fatty toro and spicy tuna with the crispiness of Hokkaido rice. It's dressed with a special Haku Vodka-infused soy sauce, made especially for this menu collaboration.

Following this is the panko-fried oyster, where two crispy panko-coated Pacific oysters are matched with sweet and tangy piquillo peppers. Premium caviar can be added for an additional touch of luxury. The fourth dish features wagyu kushiyaki — a luxurious combination of wagyu beef and foie gras enhanced with salted maple syrup made with Haku Vodka.

The meal concludes with the Sokyo Cornetto, a mini cone filled with spiced sultana ice cream and chestnut. It's a fun novelty dessert to end the decadent culinary journey. But if you're still snacky, you can add the house-made Sokyo mochi ice cream for an additional $7.


What's the Special Martini?

It wouldn't be a Haku Vodka-inspired menu without an elevated vodka cocktail. The signature serve for Haku Vodka is a martini. As part of this brand collaboration, Sokyo's bartenders have created a bespoke martini that complements the special tasting menu while celebrating Haku Vodka. The result, the Hana Momo martini, is a bright and zesty number with Haku Vodka, peach liqueur, yuzu, orange bitters and garnished with aromatic dehydrated orange.

The bright citrus notes of yuzushu in the accompanying Hana Momo Haku Vodka martini cuts through the richness of the wagyu and fish dishes with a clean, smooth finish that refreshes the palate.


What's Haku Vodka?

Haku Vodka is a Japanese craft spirit made entirely from Japanese white rice. It boasts a soft, rounded and subtly sweet flavour profile. Named 'Haku', which translates to white' and brilliant' in Japanese, this vodka exemplifies the artistry involved in creating a clear, clean-tasting spirit. Filtered through bamboo charcoal, Haku Vodka serves as the ideal foundation for Sokyo's team to explore a symphony of flavours, textures, and aromas.

Haku Vodka is produced at the Osumi Distillery in Kagoshima, Kyushu, a seaside city renowned for its pristine waters and traditional craftsmanship. This region imparts a sense of natural tranquillity and purity to the vodka. The serene coastal environment of Kagoshima has also inspired our culinary story at Sokyo.


How to Nab a Spot?

In order to sample this delectable menu at Sokyo, you must make a reservation on the website. The menu is only available until the end of August. Each reservation includes the five dishes plus a complimentary Momo Haku Martini and will set you back $100. You can always add another round of the tasty tipples if you like for $27.


The Sokyo x Haku Vodka set menu is available Mondays to Thursdays in July and August. Make your reservation on the website. 

Haku Vodka's signature serve is the Haku martini — a drink that showcases the craftsmanship, nuanced flavour and exceptional quality of the premium Japanese liquid. To learn more, head to the House of Suntory website.

Image Credit: Jude Cohen


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