Roam, touch, see, smell and sit — including inside a silver curtain that smells like chocolate.
Sarah Ward
Published on September 23, 2017


"No touching" isn't a warning you'll be given at Sydney's newest interactive experience. UNSW Galleries staff won't tell you to keep your mitts to yourself and wall signs won't recommend polite behaviour. Here, getting hands-on isn't just encouraged — it's imperative. So is taking off your shoes and letting your feet get in on the action as well.

Welcome to Snoösphere, a two-month-long sensory environment that forms part of The Big Anxiety Festival. There's nothing like running your fingers and toes over all manner of surfaces to help de-stress, after all. Here, you'll roam, touch, see, smell, snooze and sit, with everything within the dark, silent space responding in some way. Want to stroll over things? Sit inside them? Stand in a silver curtain that smells like chocolate? As well as different lighting and textile sensations, they're all on offer.

Designed by Lull Studios, created with collaborators that include autistic artists, and arising from research and workshops with autistic young people and adults in Sydney and Singapore, Snoösphere endeavours to engage all of the senses in a playful, smart, inventive and meditative ways. Dubbed a sensory wonderland, it's a simultaneously calming and engaging experience — and one that'll make you think differently about life's perceptual interactions.

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