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By Erina Starkey
December 01, 2017

Donut Papi

This market favourite has opened its first permanent store in Redfern.
By Erina Starkey
December 01, 2017

Only eat hole foods? You're in luck. Much-loved market stall Donut Papi has just launched its first retail space in Redfern.

Founded by long-time doughnut-lover Kenneth Rodrigueza, this sweet little doughnut store specialises in small-batch, handmade doughnuts, spiked with creative Asian flavours.

Forget jam, cream and powdered sugar, Rodrigueza prefers to stuff his dough with taro and pandan custard and glaze his rings with sticky matcha brûlée, strawberry sakura and bitter sweet calamansi (Chinese orange). He has also been known to produce some weird-dough flavours too, including a pepperoni-pizza doughnut, a caramel Vegemite doughnut and a cheese-and-bacon-ball Cheetos doughnut.

One of the best things about Donut Papi is its incredibly high turnover, with a fresh batch of fried batter coming out every ten or so minutes. This means you're never stuck with a sad, stale display doughnut (which is pretty much the worst doughnut-fate imaginable).

While there are heaps of doughnut options already out there (Doughnut Time, Shortstop and Grumpy Donuts to name a few) none are like Donut Papi's. They're rich and cakey in flavour, yet tear apart like spun sugar, and truly massive — promising to satisfy even the most impressive of eaters. As awesome as they are, the doughnuts are only half the fun. Donut Papi also makes its own duffins (cinnamon doughnut–flavoured muffins) crinkles (buttercream cookie sandwiches) and homemade glazed Pop-Tarts.

While there are limited places to sit inside, with the entire pink-and-white space eaten up by the line, you'll find some scattered stools outside, or better yet, Redfern Park across the road offers plenty of spots for sitting and sharing or shameless private gorging.

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