Say Cheers to Hollywood's Night of Nights: Concrete Playground's Oscars 2024 Drinking Game

Whether you're hoping that 'Oppenheimer', 'Barbie', 'Poor Things', 'Past Lives' or something else picks up Academy Awards, here's how to sip along.
Sarah Ward
Published on March 11, 2024

Billie Eilish doesn't ask "what were the Academy Awards made for?" in her Oscar-nominated tune from Barbie. If she did, however, Hollywood saluting the films of the past year is one answer. For everyone watching at home, here's another: watching the biggest annual stint of cinema-industry recognition there is, and also getting into the celebratory spirit at home.

So, you've seen this year's nominated movies. Whether you're hoping that Oppenheimer, Barbie, Poor Things, Past Lives or something else gets a shiny statuette for their efforts, you've pondered who might win — and who should. The next step when the 96th Oscars take place on Monday, March 11, Down Under time, is to feel the Kenergy over cocktails (or whatever other beverage takes your fancy).

Don't just nurse your glass and imbibe randomly, though. To truly get you into the Oscars spirit, our 2024 drinking game outlines when to take a small sip, a big gulp, a couple of mouthfuls or however much of a swig that you feel like. Some of our cues to join in are relevant every year. Some are specific to 2024's gongs. So, ensure you've got the requisite supplies, pay attention to everything happening during the ceremony and say cheers to Hollywood's night of nights — and drink responsibly, of course.


A Small Sip: Drink Like You've Found Bliss in Your Daily Routine

A winner gets played off.

The term "Barbenheimer" is uttered.

Barbenheimer gets credited with saving cinema.

Someone pretends to be a Barbie.

Margot Robbie wears pink.

Martin Scorsese receives a standing ovation.

Steven Spielberg receives a standing ovation.

Lengthy movies are mentioned — whether celebrated, complained about or parodied.

Taylor Swift appears or gets a shoutout — or one of her songs is busted out.

Jimmy Kimmel feuds with Matt Damon.

The strikes are referenced.

Artificial intelligence comes up.

The words "movie magic" or "magic of the movies" get a mention.

Someone uses their speech — or presenting gig — to angle for their next job.

Matthew McConaughey says "alright, alright, alright".

Sam Rockwell dances.


Kimberley French/Netflix ©2023

A Big Gulp: Drink Like You're Working Up the Courage to Make History

"Destroyer of worlds" gets uttered.

Someone comments that they forgot that Cillian Murphy is Irish.

Kate McKinnon appears as Weird Barbie.

Someone involved in Barbie other than Margot Robbie wears pink.

You hear an Australian or New Zealand accent.

Meryl Streep wins without being nominated.

Someone makes up a new category.

A joke bombs and AI gets the blame.

Someone says that this is going better than the Golden Globes.

'P.I.M.P.' is played — any version.

Leonardo DiCaprio's love life is mentioned.

The rest of the Kens appear onstage with Ryan Gosling during the 'I'm Just Ken' performance.

Anya Taylor-Joy and Charlize Theron co-present an award.

A winner forgets to thank their spouse, but remembers at the last minute.

Someone mentions the Dune cups.


Jason McDonald/Netflix © 2023.

A Few Mouthfuls: Drink Like You're Trying to Balance Your Personal and Professional Passions

Someone ponders whether they — or Sandra Hüller — killed their partner.

Wes Anderson won't accept the award for Best Live-Action Short because the stage setup isn't symmetrical.

Bradley Cooper conducts the orchestra.

Lady Gaga and Joaquin Phoenix attend as Harley Quinn and the Joker.

Emma Stone brings her The Curse co-star Nathan Fielder as her date.

A toilet is cleaned during the ceremony.

Nicolas Cage tries to swap faces with someone.

Godzilla appears.

Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro and Al Pacino are all seen together.

Someone has a Dune cup.

Anyone eats flamin' hot Cheetos.

Nicole Kidman forgets how to clap again.

Someone reads out the wrong winner.


Seacia Pavao / © 2023 FOCUS FEATURES LLC

As Much as You Like: Drink Like You've Been Left Behind at Christmas

Getting left behind at Christmas is worked into a skit.

Justine Triet becomes just the fourth woman to win the Best Director category.

During Lily Gladstone's Best Actress speech, if she wins.

Past Lives wins an award.

An Australian wins an award.

Someone exclaims "I must go punch that baby!".

Messi from Anatomy of a Fall makes an appearance.

America Ferrera recreates her Barbie speech.

Robert Downey Jr says that he's returning as Iron Man.

Greta Gerwig announces that she's making a toy franchise that started with Barbie.


The 2024 Oscars will be announced on Monday, March 11, Australian and New Zealand time. For further details, head to the awards' website.

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Published on March 11, 2024 by Sarah Ward
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