Lost Souls Karaoke

Mash buttons next door at Netherworld, then hit up this underworld-themed karaoke bar to belt out a tune over drinks.
Sarah Ward
February 21, 2024


For some, getting behind a microphone to sing in public is their idea of hell. For Lost Souls, it's the whole reason that the new Fortitude Valley watering hole exists, complete with an underworld theme. The decor isn't a comment on karaoke's detractors, though. Rather, it's a continuation of this Brunswick Street venue's sibling bar next door. When you've already given Brisbane a retro arcade bar called Netherworld that's playfully decked out with murals to match its love of monsters and all things hellish, leaning in when expanding comes with the territory.

January 2024 marked seven years since Netherworld first welcomed in patrons, taking over the pub on the corner of St Paul's Terrace corner that was formerly The Shamrock, The Step Inn and the Underdog. Lost Souls opened in mid-December 2023, launching just before that anniversary and nestling into a different area in the same building. So, you can now mash buttons over a brew, then belt out a banger over a few more — as long as you head by from Tuesday–Sunday.

Five karaoke rooms await, all with the requisite look — aka creature-filled murals — but also an upbeat feel. Accordingly, while skulls and tentacled critters don the walls, including around the screens displaying the all-important words to all the tracks that punters can sing, so do bright hues. Expect pink and purple paint, plus lighting to match, whether you're crooning 'Love Shack', 'Baby Shark', 'Yellow', 'Creep' or Mariah Carey's Christmas ditties.

Brisbane's own Nelson Gibbins is responsible for the art and design, carrying over his collaborations with the Lost Souls team from Netherworld. Each of the quintet of spaces adorned with his work has its own look, spanning from the pastel nightmares of the 'Cute as Hell' room to the psychedelia of 'King Cane Toad', both of which can seat eight people. Shipwrecks and ravenous crustaceans are part of the 16-seater 'Beyond the Abyss' suite, while tombstones and skeletons feature in the also 16-person  'Boneyard Ballads' space. For groups of 20, 'The Ritual' — which takes its aesthetic from an occult ceremony gone awry in a 1940s Brisbane mansion — awaits.

Bookings are available for an hour — and for those in need of liquid courage, the bar serves craft brews, cocktails, wine and spirits. Non-alcoholic options are also on the menu.

For a bite to eat, you'll need to head to Netherworld either before or after your time behind the mic, where the Hellmouth Diner's fully vegan spread — with carnivorous ingredients only available as extras — features karaage tofu, garlic bread subs made with vegan meatballs, peanut butter oreo pies and more.


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