Singing and dancing dinosaurs find a way.

Welcome to… your new favourite musical. Crooning tunes and showing off fancy footwork is all the rage again thanks to La La Land, its rumoured stage version, and the fact that every other film you can think of is being turned into a musical (Amélie, Moulin Rouge!, The BodyguardGroundhog Day, Matilda, Singin' in the RainHeathers and Carrie, to name a few) — but they've all got nothing on singing and dancing dinosaurs, really.

Here, something other than life will find a way: entertainment, a parody of one of the biggest films in the last three decades that you didn't know you needed, door-opening velociraptors, and impressions of Jeff Goldblum (we're assuming) among them. Sure, you already know the story of Dr Alan Grant, Dr Ian Malcolm, Dr Ellie Sattler and the kids that get more than they bargained for during their trip to a different kind of amusement park. What you don't already know, however, is just how that tale plays out in song.

The first, brief run of Brisbane Arts Theatre's Jurassic Park the Musical was such a hit that coming back for a second, longer season was about as obvious — as obvious as knowing that an angry Tyrannosaurus Rex isn't a good thing, in fact. The production will be staged on Sunday and Monday evenings from January 29 to April 24. Pretend that there's a pack of prehistoric creatures on your tail, get in your jeep and hurry.

Published on January 23, 2017 by Sarah Ward

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