Unmissable Food and Booze Vendors at This Year's StickyBeak Festival, As Picked By Our Writers

Need help navigating the epic lineup at StickyBeak 2024? Let our writers lead you in the right direction.
Suz Tucker
Published on February 21, 2024

For the uninitiated, Stickybeak is a festival of feasting which brings together some of the finest people, places and palates from Sydney's hospitality scenes for two days of joyous eating and drinking at the National Art School (NAS).

After the raging success of hit-outs from previous years, we're going to go out on a limb and call the 2024 lineup the best yet. Curated by the gin lords from Archie Rose with a little help from their friends at P&V Wine and Liquor, the participating eateries include diverse favourites like Bar Copains, King Clarence and Raja, with drinks courtesy of Archie Rose (of course), P&V, PS40, Grifter and Double Deuce Lounge — among others.

Flavour-packed dish at Penelopes. Photo by Chad Konik.

As you may have figured, StickyBeak is the festival for you if food and booze are the passions/obsessions on which your personality is based. This is certainly the case for those of us who write for Concrete Playground. So, to give you an assist with navigating the epic lineup of food and drinks purveyors in attendance, peep our personal picks below.

In the meantime, block out Friday, March 8 and Saturday, March 9 in your diary and buy your tickets now.

And important note: the generous Archie Rose crew are supplying all ticket holders with gift bags including 3x 50ml bottles (Signature Dry Gin, Native Botanical Vodka and Rye Malt Whisky) along with two of their RTD canned cocktails.


Nish Sharma, Editorial Assistant
Vendor pick: Penelopes 

On the menu: Pork & Prawn Sausage Roll | Halal Snack Pack | Bakar Banh Mi | Strawberry Gum Delight

According to Nish: "As someone who's grown up immersed in the rich culture of Sydney's Inner West, I have a particular appreciation for any dish that's reminiscent of its charm, and Penelopes delivers exactly that. From its elevated take on familiar favourites and its fusion of Asian, Australian and Mediterranean flavours to its mission to redefine 'Aussie' cuisine, I'm so here for it. Plus, I'll never say no to a cheeky-themed cocktail. Saltbush City Limits, anyone?"

Jonathon "JV" Valenzuela, Senior Creative
Vendor pick: Penelopes 

According to JV: "I'm probably going to bookend my StickyBeak experience with visits to Penelopes. As a long-time sausage roll aficionado, I'll beeline there when I arrive to try their pork & prawn take on the bakery classic while my palate is still fresh. And at the end of the day I'll stumble back for a halal snack pack, because is there anything better after a skinful of vin?"

Ben Hansen, Sydney Editor
Vendor pick: Raja 

On the menu: Lamb Seekh Kebab | Fried Ricotta Chanar Jilipi | Native Australian Spiced Chai

According to Ben: "Raja was one of our favourite restaurant openings of 2023, bringing underrepresented Indian dishes to Potts Point with a former Firedoor chef in charge. This is a golden opportunity to taste the creativity and flavour-forward approach of the Raja kitchen in a more casual setting. The team's going to be serving up a lamb seekh kebab — sign me the hell up. Plus, there will be fried ricotta sweets for all the cheese girlies."


Alec Jones, Junior Writer
Vendor pick: Fabbrica 

On the menu: Vego arancini | Spaghetti, cacio e pepe | Mafaldine with 'nduja & prawn | Bomboloni

According to Alec: "Anyone who claims there's a more comforting food culture than Italian is lying through their teeth, so you'd better believe I'm beelining to Fabbrica. Anything that involves pasta, consider me interested, but if I can grab a serving of oozy cacio e pepe spaghetti and a cheeky glass of a natty wine, I'm well and truly set."

Fabbrica's mafaldine pasta. Photo by Dexter Kim.

Orlaith Costello, Content Editor
Vendor pick: Redbird and Mapo

On the menu: Pork and ginger wontons | Redbird "Sando" | Sichuan Tempura Fried Corn

According to Orlaith: "With so many delicious vendors on hand, it's hard to pick favourites, but I would definitely head straight to Redbird for its succulent pork and ginger wontons — washed down with some natty orange or chilled red wine from P&V or a not-so-sneaky G&T. And I couldn't pass by Mapo without snagging a scoop of pistachio or stracciatella gelato."


Sally Gunawan, Social Media Lead
Vendor pick: Mapo

On the menu: Gelato

According to Sal: "Mapo consistently delights my palate with its inventive taste combinations. Among them, the black sesame and Pepe Saya butter stand out as my personal favourites. These flavours are delicately balanced, never overly sweet. Mapo continually introduces innovative varieties that are worth waiting in line for. I am so confident in this that I would gladly participate in a blind taste test."

Suz Tucker, Editorial Director
Vendor pick: Porcine

On the menu: Porcine Sausage Sizzle with homemade sausage | Beer Honey Ham

According to Suz: "I am a simple gal with simple needs. Give me a sausage sizzle by those ingenious swine merchants from Porcine and two Grifter tinnies and I'm as close to achieving enlightenment as I'm going to get."


StickyBeak 2024 is on Friday, March 8, 2024 - Saturday, March 9, 2024 at the National Art School on the Corner of Forbes and Burton Streets, Darlinghurst. Buy tickets here.

Published on February 21, 2024 by Suz Tucker
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