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OTT Desserts to Get Delivered to Your Doona For Those Movie-Marathon Days

For days when all you want to do is stay in your PJs and work your way through your streaming queue.
By Eliza Crisp
August 25, 2020
By Eliza Crisp
August 25, 2020


in partnership with

For days when all you want to do is stay in your PJs and work your way through your streaming queue.

All things considered, there's never been a more socially acceptable time to build a pillow fort and stay in your pyjamas all weekend. If anything, it's heartily encouraged. Throw in some chillier temps, and a smattering of rain, and you wouldn't have the slightest chance of removing us from our assumed position on the couch. We will, of course, make a special exception for drink refills and answering the door for food deliveries. Priorities, of course.

As you make your way through your Netflix queue, there is a high probability that you'll start craving something sweet, and that half-melted tub of ice cream in the freezer just won't cut it. In partnership with DoorDash, we've pulled together some of Brisbane's most OTT, direct-to-doona desserts. BYO stretchy pants.

  • 9

    We all need a healthy dose of escapism at the moment, and if that means a head-spinning combo of chocolate, marshmallows and corn flakes on chewy dough, then the Crunchy S’mores Pizza from Cowch is right up your alley. It’s crumbly, gooey, and just the tiniest bit salty (but aren’t we all?). If you really want to go all-in on the camping theme, you could even throw the ‘Fireplace For Your Home’ app on the screen for a crackling wood fire that won’t melt your face or set off any smoke detectors. Other snacks from Chermside’s haven of sugar include Fruit Tingle crepes, topped with passionfruit, mango, strawberries and ice cream, and a good ol’ banana split. Or you could just go hard on a whopping two-litre bucket of grape fairy floss.

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  • 8
    Brooklyn Donut & Coffee Co

    A few months ago, back when our feeds were cluttered with banana bread and sourdough starter, it seemed like everyone we knew was unveiling their previously hidden baking skills. But nobody seemed to be making doughnuts. You know why? Because they are surprisingly tricky to perfect. Which is why we respect the team at Brooklyn Donut & Coffee Co so much. They work hard daily to churn out the most perfect, New York-style doughnuts you’ll find on this side of the equator. The White Biscoff is our clear pick of the bunch, filled with cookie butter, and topped with white chocolate. We also love the fact that doughnuts travel really well, so, if you order them for delivery, they will arrive looking picture perfect (until you inhale them, that is).

    Image: Adam Pinzone

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  • 7
    Ungermann Brothers Ipswich

    Salted caramel, bacon and pecan. Roasted garlic. Blue cheese and fig. If these three flavours aren’t enough to convince you that this Ipswich ice cream parlour does things a little differently, we’re not sure what will. Ungermann Brothers is a family-run joint that makes ice cream in less-than-traditional flavours. Have some fun trying to come up with the ultimate scoop combo — perhaps pumpkin seed oil and dutch spice? Or coffee, cardamom and liquor with carrot cake? There are also gourmet dessert dishes on offer including ice cream sandwiches, chocolate brownie with bumbleberry ice cream and homemade waffles with pork belly and smoked vanilla ice cream.

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  • 6

    This online-only dessert bar clearly knows its market well. Open the menu on DoorDash, and one of the first items you’ll see is Netflix & Chill, a two-person combo of waffles, Nutella, marshmallows, caramel sauce, ice cream, and crushed peanuts. Not in the mood to share? Scroll straight to the Nutella Choc Chip Cookie Pie, which is served soft and warm with a side of vanilla ice cream. Or maybe pick the Rainbow Cake: a Pinterest-worthy confection of layered butter sponge with cream cheese icing. Alternatively, the Caramello New York Cheesecake sounds mighty tasty, with a crumbly biscuit base and drizzled with salted caramel sauce.

    Image: Hennessy Trill

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  • 5

    What happens when you absolutely, hand-on-heart adore desserts, but you’ve got a whole host of food allergies that makes indulging in sweets a bit tricky? Well, friends, we’ve saved this one for you. The products at Badboys Doughnuts are safe for anyone avoiding gluten, dairy, eggs, and nuts — plus, they’re vegan. You won’t be sacrificing taste either, with flavours on offer like vanilla chai, raspberry chilli chocolate and lemon passion. We often see Badboys at markets around Brisbane — including Redcliffe, Bardon and Kelvin Grove — and at New Farm’s pop-up cafe Oxlade, but you can also have the doughnuts delivered directly to the comfort of your living room. All you need is coffee, or hot chocolate, and you are primed for a solid movie marathon.

    Image: Hennessy Trill

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  • 4

    How genius is this? Not only do the legends over at Coolmess handmake mind-blowing gelato, sorbetto and bubble tea, it’s also started doing fondue desserts. Choose your favourite gelato flavour (our hot tip is the stracciatella) and, to pair with it, you’ll get a spread with chopped fruit, marshmallows and sponge cake for dipping into the smooth chocolate sauce. Coolmess also has waffles, chocolate lava cakes, brownies and sticky date puddings, all served with a generous scoop of gelato. Flavours range from the super sweet and creamy — think turkish delight, white chocolate hazelnut and butterscotch — to fruitier options, like salted coconut and mango, pomegranate sorbet and lychee coconut. 

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  • 3
    Crepe & Co

    Since we won’t be going to Paris anytime soon (sob), let’s console ourselves by ordering dessert and watching Midnight in Paris instead. Crepe & Co takes its craft seriously, and even ordered a specialty chocolate-melting machine from France (side note: wondering if we can order one for home?).

    Our picks from the menu include the Little Red Riding Hood — a stack of pancakes topped with strawberries, bananas, chocolate and pistachios — or the Fruit Basket Waffles. It also does family-sized portions of poffertjes (tiny Dutch pancakes) served with three scoops of vanilla ice cream and a serious dousing of maple syrup. If you manage to finish these off before the movie finishes, then we won’t even be mad, we’ll be impressed.

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  • 2

    If you’re a longtime Brisbanite, you are probably well acquainted with the sandwiches at Dannyboys. So, we won’t distract you further by talking about the Big Porky Roll or the Cuban Flatgrill (both firm winners, in our humble opinion). Instead, we are going to let you in on the solid dessert selection available for takeaway and delivery. There are jumbo cookies that are promised to be ‘bigger than your hand’, chocolate caramel brownies and puppy chow — not dog food, but instead a sugary snack mix of cereal, chocolate and peanut butter. Dannyboys also bakes cupcakes daily, so give the store a quick ring to find out which flavour the team whipped up this morning. If it’s the key lime pie ones, then you are truly blessed.

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  • 1
    Fourthchild Cafe Restaurant

    Cake lovers, this one’s for you. Fourthchild Cafe is a sweet, family-run business that makes absolutely everything on site. It’s open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but it’s the cake cabinet that is truly legendary. We’re talking several varieties of cheesecake — classic, cherry ripe and turkish delight — and banoffee and lemon meringue pies. Oh, and a range of grandma-approved slices: burnt caramel, raspberry coconut and lemon pistachio. The best part is that you can order these cakes to be delivered straight to your door. It’s basically like having the best of a country bakery brought right into your living room, without needing to find your car keys (or put on real clothes).

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Take advantage of the $0 delivery fee on your first order and order your next meal via DoorDash here.

Top image: Brooklyn Donut & Coffee Co, Adam Pinzone

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