What's Open in Sydney Across the Easter Long Weekend 2024

Spend the long weekend eating and drinking with friends and family at Sydney's top cafes, bars and restaurants.
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Published on March 26, 2024

Hunting for a few spots to wine and dine in Sydney across the Easter weekend? Luckily Sydney's got no shortage of cafes, restaurants and bars that are dishing up the goods, even across the Easter long weekend.

Here's what's open and ready to whet your whistle and fill your belly across the long weekend. From restaurants by the waterfront to cocktails at retro bars, there's something on this list for whatever vibe you're after.


Steven Woodburn


a'Mare, Friday and Saturday: 5.30–8.30pm, Sunday: 12–2.30pm and 5.30–9pm, Monday: 12–2.30pm and 5.30–8.15pm

AriaFriday: 5.30–10pm, Saturday: 12–1.30pm and 5–9.30pm, Monday: 5.30–9.30pm

Armorica, Friday: 5–10pm, Saturday: 12pm–10pm, Sunday: 12–10pm, Monday: 5–10pm

Barangaroo House, Friday: 12–10pm, Saturday: 12pm–12am, Sunday:12pm–12am, Monday: 12pm–12am

Baba's Place, Friday: 5.45–11.30pm, Saturday: 12–4pm and 5.45–11.30pm, Sunday: 12–10pm

The Botanist, Saturday: 12pm–12am, Sunday: 12–10pm

The Butler, Saturday and Sunday: 12pm–late

The Charles Grand Brasserie & Bar, Saturday: 12pm–late

Chin Chin, Friday and Saturday: 12–11pm, Sunday and Monday: 12–9pm

Chiswick, Friday: 12–10pm, Saturday: 12–11pm, Sunday: 11.30am–10.30pm, Monday: 12–11pm

Colombo Social, Saturday: 5.30pm–late, Sunday: 12–3pm

Fabbrica Pasta Shop, Friday–Saturday: 12–10pm

Franca, Friday: 12pm–10pm, Saturday and Sunday 12pm–12am

Kyiv Social, Kitti Gould

Icebergs, Friday: 12–10pm, Saturday: 12pm–late, Sunday: 12–10pm

Izgara, Friday–Monday: 5.30–10pm

Kyiv Social, Saturday: 5.30–10.30pm, Sunday: 12–3pm

Lilymu, Saturday: 12–2pm and 5.30–9:30pm, Sunday: 12–2pm and 5.30–9pm

Loulou Bistro, Friday: 12–10pm, Saturday and Sunday: 11.30am–late

Matteo Double Bay, Friday: 5.30pm - 9.30pm, Saturday: 12pm-11.30pm, Sunday: 12pm-10pm

Matteo Downtown, Friday: 5.30-11.30pm and Saturday 12-11.30pm

Nativo, Friday and Saturday: 11am–2.30pm and 5–8.30pm

Nomad, Friday: 6pm–late, Saturday–Sunday: 12–2.30pm and 5.30–late

North Bondi Fish, Friday: 11.30am–10pm, Saturday: 11.30–12am, Sunday: 11.30am–10.30pm, Monday: 11.30am–11pm

Nu'u, Friday and Saturday: 12–10.30pm, Sunday: 12–4pm

Parlar, Friday: 5–10pm, Saturday: 5–12pm

Poetica, Friday: 12–10pm, Saturday: 12pm–late

Ragazzi, Friday: 12pm–12am, Saturday: 11.30–12am, Sunday: 12–10pm, Monday: 11.30–12am

Reign, Saturday: 10am–11pm, Sunday and Monday: 11am–5pm

Restaurant Hubert, Friday–Monday: 12pm–12am

Shell House Dining Room & Terrace, Friday: 5.30–10pm, Saturday 12pm–late

Sinclair's, Saturday: 12–3pm and 5.30–10.30pm, Sunday 12–3pm

Tanuki, Friday: 12pm-10pm, Saturday: 12pm-12am and Sunday: 12pm-10pm.

Three Blue Ducks, Saturday: 12–2.30pm and 5.30–8.30pm, Sunday: 8–11.30am and 12–2.30pm

Woodcut, Friday: 5.30–9.30pm, Saturday: 12–2.30pm and 5.30–9.30pm, Sunday and Monday: 5.30–9.30pm



Edition Roasters, Darling Square — Friday and Saturday: 8am–10pm, Sunday and Monday: 8am–4pm; Mid City — Saturday: 8am–5pm, Monday: 8am–5pm; Wynyard — Friday and Monday: 8am–4pm; World Square — Friday–Monday: 8am–5pm

Fabbrica Bread Shop, Friday–Monday: 6.30am–3pm

Frenchies Baker & Patisserie, Friday–Sunday: 8am–1pm

Good Fella, Friday–Sunday: 8am–2pm

Loulou Boulangerie and Trateur, Friday–Monday: 7am–4pm

Lox in a BoxBondi, Coogee and Manly — Friday–Monday: 9am–3pm; Marrickville — Friday–Monday: 8am–2.30pm

A baker piping banoffee cream onto a tart at Fabbrica Bread Shop, Rozelle

Jana Langhorst

Malika Bakehouse (both Surry Hills and Botany), Friday–Monday: 8am–3pm

Matinee Coffee, Friday–Monday: 8am–3pm

Poketto, Friday–Sunday: 8am–3pm

Promenade, Friday: 6.30am–11pm, Saturday: 6.30am–11pm, Sunday: 6.30am–10pm, Monday: 6.30am–10pm

Single O, Friday and Saturday: 8am–3pm

Splash, Friday–Monday: 8am–3pm

Soulmate, Friday–Monday: 8am–3pm

Tuckshop, Friday–Monday: 7am–2pm


The Caterpillar Club - one of the best bars in the Sydney CBD

Andrea Veltom


The Abercrombie, Friday: 12–10pm, Saturday: 10am–5am, Sunday: 10am–8am, Monday: 10am–2am

Aster, Friday: 4–10pm, Saturday: 4pm–12am

Bar 83, Saturday: 12pm–12am, Sunday and Monday: 12–11pm

Bar Morris, Friday: 6.30–10am for breakfast, 11.30am–2pm for lunch and 5.30–10pm for dinner, Saturday: 7–10am for breakfast, 11.30am–2pm for lunch and 5.30–10pm for dinner

The Bob Hawke Beer and Leisure CentreFriday: 12–10pm, Saturday: 1pm–late, Sunday: 1–10pm, Monday: 12–10pm

Brewdog, Friday: 12–9.30pm, Saturday: 11am–11.30pm, Sunday: 11am–9.30pm, Monday: 11am–10pm

Camelia Grove, Friday: 10–12am, Sunday: 10am–10pm, Monday: 10–12am

The Caterpillar Club, Saturday–Monday: 5pm–4am

The Clock Hotel, Friday: 12–10pm, Saturday: 10–12am, Sunday and Monday: 12pm–12am

Coogee Pavilion, Friday: 11am–10pm, Saturday: 11am–late, Sunday: 11am–10pm, Monday: 11am–9pm

Dear Sainte Eloise, Friday and Saturday: 12pm–12am, Sunday: 12–10pm, Monday: 5pm–12am

The Dolphin, Friday: 12–10pm, Saturday: 12pm–late, Sunday and Monday: 12–10pm

Forrester's, Saturday: 11.30am–1am, Sunday: 11:30am–10pm

The Golden Sheaf, Friday: 12pm–10pm, Saturday: 10–2am, Sunday: 10–12am and Monday: 10–1am

Harry's, Friday: 11am–10pm, Saturday–Monday: 11am–late

Hickson House, Saturday: 1am–late, Sunday: 10am–10pm

Lady Hampshire, Friday: 12–10pm, Saturday and Sunday: 12pm–12am, Monday: 10am–12pm (pints for schooner prices Friday–Sunday)

Le Foote, Friday–Monday: 12pm–12am

Opera Bar, Saturday: 11.30–12.30am, Sunday: 11–12am, Monday: 11am–11pm

The Paddo InnFriday: 12–10pm, Saturday: 12pm–1am, Sunday and Monday: 12–10pm

Shady Pines, Saturday–Monday: 4pm–1.30am

Snack Kitchen, Saturday and Monday: 12pm–late

Tiva, Saturday: 8pm–late

Woolly Bay Hotel, Friday: 12–10pm, Saturday: 10–2am, Sunday and Monday: 10–12am

Top image: Lox in a Box

Published on March 26, 2024 by Concrete Playground
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