Where to Find the Best Burgers in Sydney

We've hit up burger joints, fine diners, food trucks and underground bars to bring you this complete guide.
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Published on January 23, 2024

Where to Find the Best Burgers in Sydney

We've hit up burger joints, fine diners, food trucks and underground bars to bring you this complete guide.

You'll go mad trying to find the best burgers in Sydney on your own — for there is an almost endless number of places selling burgers, and these burgers come in so many forms.

Bun-wise, you've got your brioche, potato, milk and gluten-free options. Fill these with beef patties, pulled pork, fried chicken, battered fish or a whole selection of vegetarian and vegan alternatives. Add in secret sauces, pickles, bacon, cheese and whatever else you can dream up. Serve them up with straight, crinkle-cut, curly, waffle or thick-cut fries and then add a heap of extra sauces for dipping. Pair it with house-made sodas, beers or cocktails. And there you have a never-ending list of how to create the best burger combo — that no one person could ever get through alone.

But that's why you have us. Our team has spent years searching for the best burgers in Sydney. We've tried them at fine diners. We've hit up food trucks. We've ordered them to our homes. We've sampled them at underground bars. And we've made our way through entire menus at Sydney restaurants that only serve burgers. Through this grease-filled journey, we bring you the ultimate list of the best burgers in Sydney. We are extra proud of this one. So take your time to peruse this list, your next favourite burger joint could be here.


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  • 16

    Black Bear BBQ is the go-to for beef brisket, pork belly and southern fried chicken in Sydney’s west. With other locations in Wetherill Park and The Fitzroy Hotel, Black Bear has become something of a temple for barbecue lovers, with pilgrimages being made from all the far-flung parts of Australia. 

    And while the focus is generally on barbecued meats, it’s also home to some of the best burgers in Sydney. Our fave? The O.G Burger stars a beef brisket patty with American cheddar, tomato, onion, beetroot, lettuce and house-made pickles. It’s heaven sandwiched between two buns. Seriously, you can’t beat the smoky flavours that come from grilling the meat over coals.

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  • 15
    Three smash burgers from Chebbos Burgers food truck — home to some of the best burgers in Sydney.

    If you’ve been searching for a semi-adventurous bite without compromising on flavour, consider checking out this Sydney burger joint. Chebbo’s Burgers is the locally loved smash burger-slinging outpost hidden in the city’s Inner West, led by viral TikTok food creator Chebbo.

    Tossing up between the five-burger selection? The Chebbo-style burger is a crowd-favourite — and our top recommendation. It offers up a juicy smashed beef patty paired with caramelised onions, a secret sauce, pickles, tomato and crunchy lettuce on a toasted milk bun. For the ultimate pairing, pick up a side of the sauced-up loaded fries.

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  • 14

    Many years ago, a new Asian food hub began to unfold on the third floor of Haymarket’s Market City. Now, the precinct is fully complete and is home to nine restaurants ranging from casual takeaway joints to theatrically designed dining rooms with custom-made rickshaw installations.

    One of the highlights of the hub is the sushi burger venture, Gojima. On the more casual end of the spectrum for the eating precinct, Gojima’s American-Japanese fusion menu is more compact, with nine sushi burgers — made with sushi rice and nori bun — and a selection of sides, such as Japanese-style southern fried chicken. You won’t find burgers like this anywhere in Sydney.

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  • 13
    chicken burger and chips from Frangos - home to some of the best burgers ins sydney

    Serving high-quality chicken shop meals since 1992, this family-owned chain is best known for its Portuguese flavours and chooks barbecued over natural charcoal fire pits. The menu stretches from whole charcoal chicken and vibrant salads to Portuguese-style rice and barbecue sweet corn, however, the stars of the show are the burgers.

    It’s hard to go past the OG Portuguese burger combo, covered in mayo and Frangos’ beloved chilli sauce. And if you like your takeaway with a real kick, the Fiery Lover Burger is a delight, piled high with jalapeños, bacon and grilled red onions. If you’re still hungry after polishing off a burger and a mountain of chicken-salted chips, treat yourself to a pick from Frangos’ dessert menu, featuring creme caramel, chocolate mousses and Portuguese tarts.

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  • 12
    A musician playing jazz music in the dining bar at Restaurant Hubert - home to one of the best steaks in Sydney. Also one of the best restaurants in Sydney.

    From the moment you open the door, this Bligh Street spot will hurtle you headfirst into a C.S. Lewis-style adventure, taking you from dreary city streets to the resplendent old-world opulence of post-war Paris. It’s like an adult’s version of Narnia, only this time there’s steak, burgers, wine and live jazz music.

    Most come here for oysters and martinis, steak frites with fine red wine and all other manners of classic French fare. But the classic cheeseburger is an absolute gem. Plus, if you head down any day between 5–6pm, you can treat yourself to the restaurant’s cheeseburger for cheap. Just make sure you book ahead. This place fills up fast.

    Image: Bodhi Liggett. 

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  • 11

    Rock ‘n’ roll and burgers are the most likely of bedfellows, an age-old combination that runs Bondi’s casual neighbourhood eatery — Bonditony’s. Run by longtime Bondi local and music industry pro-Tony Gosden, this Glenayr Avenue burger joint mixes rock and burgers better than Elvis Presley ever did (sorry Elvis).

    Godsen used to work in the Australian music industry, and so has named every last one of the Sydney burgers after bands he’s managed, promoted or toured — Classic Cog, Trippin’ Seahorse, Just a Jezabel, Johnny Collide. Using grass-fed, free-range produce, these burgs team with Bondi’s ethically-sound food philosophy. Pair some of Sydney’s best burgers with tap beers, wines, cocktails, thickshakes and 70s rock ‘n’ roll tunes to make it an affair to remember.

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  • 10
    Pub Life Kitchen bar full of people

    Five years after debuting its legendary menu of ‘BRGRS’ at the Macquarie Hotel, Sydney-favourite Pub Life Kitchen closed down, taking some of the best burgers in Sydney with it. Four long years later, the beloved venue returned to the bottom level of the Lord Wolseley Hotel in Ultimo — with its stellar burger menu.

    Our faves? The OG, stacked with dry-aged grass-fed beef, cheese, pickles, tomato, lettuce, roasted garlic and lime mayo and the TLC, a fried chicken burger topped with cheese, pickles and green Sriracha mayo. Also returning, are PLK’s hot and sticky chicken wings alongside a far-reaching menu of snacks and mains. Thank the Sydney burger gods for its return.

    Image: Nikki To.

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  • 9
    chicken burger and a glass of champagne at Butter - home to some of the best burgers in sydney

    Hungry? Or need a new pair of sneakers? Solve one or both of these dilemmas at Butter, Sydney’s utterly ridiculous palace of fried chicken, champagne and sneakers. Located on Hunt Street in Surry Hills, Butter gets its vibe from New York City’s hip-hop culture. Think fried chicken with punk names — I’ll have a hot AF 3PAC, thx — and a fancy-ass champagne menu, served in a totally packed club-like environment.

    Doubting its street cred? Don’t. This place is the real deal. Chicken is the name of the game and the fried chicken burger is one of the best in the city. It comes with a delightfully oversized portion of fried chicken served in a dashi butter-soaked milk bun. Add some fries, a glass of champagne and maybe buy some kicks on your way out — and there you have one of the most unique burger combos in Sydney.

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  • 8

    El Jannah has earned cult status for its Lebanese-style charcoal chicken and finger lickin’-good garlic sauce, but few know of it as a Sydney burger destination. This needs to be corrected. For the El Jannah chicken burgers are all bangers.

    There are two grilled chicken options for those looking to stay away from the grease — one being spicy, and the other simply coming with mayo, lettuce and tomato. There’s no reinvention of the wheel here. The El Jannah folks are simply slinging their famed chicken in every way possible. And while these are great, we can’t go past the fried chook burger, always asking for extra garlic sauce when visiting.

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  • 7
    mister gee - home to some of the best burgers sydney

    Mister Gee’s food truck, founded by Gee Ozgen way back when food trucks weren’t a thing in Sydney, is not only home to the best burger in the west, it’s likely the best burger in Sydney. Gee took inspiration for the business from his travels through Asia and America, and knowing he wanted to work for himself, he tracked down a food tuck in Melbourne for sale, dragged it up to Sydney and has been flippin’ burgers ever since.

    There’s no glitz and glamour here, just serious burgers in a serious urban landscape, and the names reflect this. The Stoner’s Revenge, a fav amongst, well, stoners, is decked out with a grass-fed patty, American-style cheese, Dijon mustard, pickled onions, bacon and stoner sauce, which helps mellow it out a bit. Our other favourite is the 1900-Burger which features burnt pineapple, bacon jam and a hotline burger sauce.

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  • 6

    Charcoal Fish is the seafood equivalent of your neighbourhood charcoal chicken shop. Its menu champions the Aquna Murray Cod from Griffith — a sleepy regional town in the NSW’s northwest colloquially known as the food bowl of Australia. The cod has been specifically chosen for its grill-ability and stability in transit — each cod is in for a 6-hour journey from home to Rose Bay.

    Rotisserie whole cod, grilled cod collars served with fermented tamarind hot sauce and a unique cod fat caramel ice cream are just some of the menu highlights. They’re all essential items to be ordered, but we are also obsessed with the fish burgers and rolls. For burgers, try either the yellowfin tuna cheeseburger or the southern fried flathead burger. Or go for the rotisserie cod and gravy roll that’s shown in the pic above — it’s an absolute standout.

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  • 5
    the david blackmore wagyu beef burger at rockpool sydney - one of the best burgers in sydney

    Rockpool Bar & Grill is glamorous and over the top — making it a fab spot to really treat yourself. Nested in the grandiose surrounds of the City Mutual Building’s art deco interior, dining at this place is an experience, to say the least. A marbled open kitchen exposes spunky chefs sweating under heat lamps, the atmosphere is aplenty, and the wine selection is more like a bible than a list.

    Most come here for the steaks — some of the best in the city — but any good steak joint should know how to craft a brilliant burger. And Rockpool does just that. The patty is made from some great quality wagyu and is cooked over the woodfired grill while the bun is also filled with bacon, gruyere cheese and pickles. Have this at the bar with a great glass of red and call it a day.

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  • 4
    A burger with a cocktail and some chips at The Gidley - home to one of the best burgers in Sydney

    This glam basement restaurant inspired by old-school New York and London steakhouses may be best known for its steaks, but owners James Bradey and Warren Burns (Bistecca, Liquid and Larder, The Wild Rover and Grandma’s Bar) also know how to make a damn good burger.

    There is only one on the menu, but that’s all it needs. This simple (but brilliant) burg comes with two beef patties, cheddar, pickles and optional bacon and egg. That’s it. Take your time enjoying one of the best Sydney burgers within opulent surroundings, either pairing your meal with fine wines or a couple beers. This is definitely one of the bougiest options on the list.

    Image: Dominic Loneragan.

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  • 3
    a burger on a plate at Ume Burger - one of the best burger joints in sydney

    Ume Burger in both Barangaroo and Darling Square slings some of the best burgers in Sydney every day of the week. You can get your classic American cheeseburger here, but Ume is known for its Japanese street food. That’s why we always opt for the more unique options.

    The Menchi Burger — made with handmade pork katsu, tonkatsu sauce and cabbage — is an absolute winner. Just as the Kakiage Burger made with a veggie fritter, nori mayo, shredded cabbage and tonkatsu sauce will satisfy any vegetarian or vegan. Then there’s the fish katsu burger with Japanese tartare. It is a pescatarian’s dream come true. Simply pair it with an orange wine or some beers to make a proper go of it.

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  • 2

    These guys have mastered the basics of burger making. They mince their own beef, make their own pickles and sauces and source a range of buns from local spots — including gluten-free and vegan buns. The team also doesn’t go crazy with the burger flavour combos.

    You’ve got three beef burgers — with our favourite being the classic cheeseburger. There are two chook varieties. And the vegetarian burger (that can also be made vegan) is up there with the best. It comes with smoky BBQ mushrooms, crispy kale and a house-made slaw. We also highly recommend adding a side of Burger Head’s famed mash and gravy instead of chips. You won’t regret it. And even though it shut down its main spots back in 2023, the crew are still driving their food truck around Sydney. Be sure to check out its Instagram page for updates on where it is heading next.

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  • 1

    We’re spoilt for choice when it comes to where we can feast on Mary’s burgers. These days, we can find its burger joints in Newtown (the original), Castle Hill, Circular Quay and the city’s Entertainment Quarter. And there are stacks of burgers to choose from at each location.

    For meat eaters, Mary’s is it — think cheeseburger with salad and Mary’s special sauce. Otherwise, the veg burger offers a mushroom alternative with the same toppings. The fried chicken is a must if you’re a fried chicken fan (aka a human), especially if you top it all off with the ice cream sanga. Pair it with some fried chook and mash n’ gravy. Then add some wines, local beers on tap and a decent selection of cocktails. You can spend all night drinking and eating here.

    Image: Kitti Gould

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Top image: Mary’s by Kitti Gould

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